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Black Douglas was established in 1993 to support mathematics education. We launched our first web site in the latter part of the 90s. Since then we have developed in several directions. We invite you to explore and enjoy.

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Mathematics Centre

A world of alternatives to text-based learning
  • Professional development built around all students learning to work like a mathematician (Working Mathematically).
  • Hands-on problem solving tasks from Mathematics Task Centre.
  • Enhancing the number sense of primary children through the Calculating Changes network.
  • Links to Maths300 for whole class investigation lesson plans.
  • A wide range of resources including Poly Plug, Picture Puzzles, Menu Maths, Working Mathematically with Infants and Maths With Attitude eManuals.
  • Research and classroom stories, web papers and much more.


Summerhays Cottage

A holiday to remember for couples or small families
Summerhays Cottage, Cape Woolamai, Phillip Island, Australia, offers self-contained motel style accommodation in a spacious cottage bordered by a tranquil garden with a large deck area. It is close to beaches, nature walks, Churchill Island, San Remo, Newhaven, Rhyll, Cowes and many other sites and activities. Perfect for two; just right for two + one.


Community Service

Rubaga Youth Development Association, Kampala, Uganda
Black Douglas provides web space, time and financial support for RYDA. We have been associated with this worthy non-government (NGO), non-denominational, Christian organisation for more than a decade. Its aim is to teach life and vocational skills to street youths and other orphaned and vulnerable children.

RYDA cannot continue its work without generous and sustained first world donations. We invite you to join us in this project.


Travel Writing & Photography

Just for interest when you have time
You will find this building in Malmö, Sweden. It is known as the Turning Torso. The design is based on the characteristics of a human backbone twisting in exercise.

Work has drawn me to many places such as this but there is no place like home. Australia is unique. Writings and photographs in this section are almost exclusively about the Great South Land.


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