21st September

This is the famous non-climb at Uluru. The Aboriginal owners ask that visitors do not climb this sacred rock, but some still do. Many have died. It is far more interesting to do the base walk anyway.

Views sweeping around towards the north-east from the climb. What you can see is a monolith and only about one eighth is above the surface. The world's biggest rock ... in the centre of the world.

Kuniya Walk on the southern side of Uluru...

...has a waterhole at the end. Look a level higher and you will also see a tree indicating a billabong further up as well. One of the first explorers tried to climb the rock at this point. He didn't make it because he was wearing hob nail boots, which couldn't give grip. He took them off and when he came down the sharp surface had cut his feet to the bone.

This view on the way out from the short walk gives a realistic idea of the steepness and consequent danger.

Uluru from the sunset viewing area.

A sequence showing changing views as the sun sets.

Celebrating the sunset with Ashley (left) and Rochelle (right).
Photo: Alison Douglas