20th September

Mt. Ebenezer Roadhouse about 300km south and west of Alice Springs. We started out before dawn in the big coach and after a breakfast stop transfered to the little bus in the front.

On the road out to the Canyon, Marie, our guide, spied this Thorny Devil.

Ashley and Rochelle are first on the left. Serendipitously they moved into the room next to us the night before. Jim and Alison were sitting in front of them.

The plan is to climb to the rim of this canyon and then walk around the top.

The climb begins with Heart Attack Hill. Ina was a bit concerned about the effort involved, but she began determinedly.

But half way up the hill felt pretty good ... and there was only one way to go from here.
(Yes, that's the bus park in the middle background!)

Okay one kilometre down and only five more to go. Which way now honey?

Alison and Jim in the foreground.

Follow the crowd baby.

Yep, that's Rochelle wearing Doug's handkerchief. Watch for Ashley wearing his cork hat too.

From the first lookout, looking up the canyon across to the south wall...

...and back where we came from.

The bus park is a memory now.

Looking back along the north wall from Cottrell's Lookout, the highest point.

Having walked around the curve of the rim we could see how the top surface is being eroded in a similar way to the Bungle Bungle range in The Kimberley, WA.

About four kilometres completed at this point and Ina is feeling pretty proud of herself. The north face of the canyon is behind her - been there, done that!

We are on the way home now. That's Marie, our driver and guide.