23rd September

Entering Simpsons Gap on an intimate tour.
From left: Barry (driver & guide), Doris, Astrid, Ina.

Look carefully and you might spy a rock wallaby in this tangle of boulders.

The billabong at the end of the gorge.

And a water nymph flutters by to dabble in the pond.

Looking back out of the gap along the east wall.

On to Standley Chasm a much narrower fissure.

Doug and Ina belittled by boulders.

Doug climbed further up the chasm to take this shot looking back into it.

Ina made an effort and did reasonably well.

...but then her little bottom disappeared in the direction of the campfire cuppa.

Next stop was the Ochre Pit where the traditional owners mined and traded their ochre as well as using it for ceremonial decoration.

Ina was ready to play all day, but unfortunately the Ranger mentioned that the materials are now only available for Aboriginal use.

The soil colours...

...are created by different mineral deposits.

Special permission was granted for this life long supporter of Aboriginal artists to be buried facing Mt. Sonder at the turn off to Ormiston Gorge.

At the gorge waterhole Doris seems to have spied that nymph again.

Let's sneak up and see what she is doing.

Ahh, so even water nymphs need to cool their toes sometimes.

Colours of Ormiston Gorge framed by a River Red Gum.

Much more to explore around the bend, but not enough time.

After a short stop at Glen Helen Resort to drop off Doris and Astrid, it was back to Ellery Creek Big Hole for a dip before returning to Alice Springs.

Come on water nymph. Show me how to play in the water.