Mokes on the Move

11:09 May 31st
Temperate rain forest on the way to Yea. There will be less and less of this country as the convoy heads northwest.

09:38 June 1st
On the way to Pinnaroo from Ouyen. This is Mallee country.

12:08 June 1st
Are we there yet?

15:05 June 1st
Leaving Loxton late from Morgan where we will cross the Murray. Still a long way to go until we reach our camp site.

17:21 June 1st
Terrible driving conditions and we are not at our camp site yet.

17:41 June 1st
Only a few kilometres more into Burra Creek Gorge and we can stop for the night. It was well dark by the time we pitched camp and too late for photos.

14:55 June 2nd
On the road to Lyndhurst and the end of the bitumen. You can tell we have left civilisation - there are no power lines.

The Flinders Ranges keep us company to the east.

16:11 June 2nd
We're not there yet. Too many hills and no sign of losing the black top.

09:07 June 3rd
Starting out on the Oodnadatta Track - dust, corrugations and cobbles from Lyndhurst to Marree.

Two more days of this, and worse. A total of over 600km of serious rally driving. Lyndhurst to William Creek turned out to be rough, William Creek to Oodnadatta was tough and Oodnadatta to Marla was BA.

11:13 June 3rd
On into the plains of red drove the six hundred (well the six).
Dust trails ahead of them...

...Dust trails behind them.

16:09 June 3rd
A pause to let the tail catch up. Here come's Gerry.

Looks like there is no question about which way to go next, so...

...let's get moving.

16:47 June 3rd
Still another 15 minutes or so to William Creek. At least we should be able to set up camp before dark.

11:05 June 5th
Heading for the Northern Territory on the Stuart Highway. Still no power lines though.

We're cruising.

10:38 June 8th
Heading for King's Creek Station, a short run of just under 300km.

12:50 June 8th
We are on the Lasseter Highway, Northern Territory. Check the map. What the heck is SH? There is no town in cooee with those initials. Turns out the sign is indicating the Stuart Highway. This one road splits the continent in two. Everyone in Australia who is not on it is either East or West of the Stuart!

13:42 June 8th
Heading north on the Giles Road on the last leg to King's Creek Station for our next camp out.

12:03 June 10th
This Moke has the added feature of constantly waving hands. Laura and Scott turned the art of the outback wave to oncoming vehicles into a celebration. This is back on the Lasseter Highway heading for Erldunda and hence Alice Springs - with just three left turns in over 400kms from King's Creek Station.

15:16 June 11th
Off for an afternoon visit to the Transport Museum. Yep, that's Doug's son Scott in the back seat. See People of Interest for an explanation.

10:46 June 14th
Last dirt for the trip. Heading in to visit the Henbury Meteorite Craters which are about 15kms along the Ernest Giles Road.

12:18 June 14th
On the way out this road train appeared out of the dust from the Mokes in front.

10:26 June 15th
Heading south from Marla to Coober Pedy on the Stuart Highway. Previous night was community fruit salad dessert thanks to Gerry and Laura because we had crossed the South Australian border and realised that all the fresh fruit we had bought in Alice Springs had to be eaten or dumped. doug supplied the ice-cream.

12:07 June 15th
This is Purple Passion. Richard trucked his Moke to Alice to drive back with us because he couldn't take three weeks off work. His son Lachlan came with him. Wisely he decided to run standard tyres rather than his usual wideys because he didn't want to chop out wheel bearings.

09:49 June 17th
Heading south from Coober Pedy into the more desolate plains of South Australia. Most of the area to the left of the road is restricted as it was the rocket and atomic testing area for Woomera defence establishment.

14:16 June 17th
To make sure that the road and rail did not intersect in the middle of very flat nowhere south of Glendambo there is this one man-made hill.

15:08 June 17th
Not far from Pimba which is the turn off to Woomera. Pimba is simply a roadhouse.

12:14 June 20th
Morning tea stop near Sea Lake and Richard decided to give Lachlan a driving lesson. And then heads were turned towards home and seven hours later - in the dark and the rain - we were there.