People of Interest

09:04 June 1st
Ouyen fuelling up for the second day. Laura looks like she is ready for the adventure. We have come from Bendigo and today we will cross the Murray River about half way between Adelaide and Mildura.

11:06 June 1st
Ryan explores the local station during morning tea. An old railway spike is a great find.

19:29 June 2nd
Laura is ready to celebrate. We have reached the start. Tomorrow the tough stuff begins.

From left: Gerry, Laura, Jill, Allen and Glenn (behind)

20:22 June 2nd
Peter and Jean were waiting for us at Lyndhurst. After dinner was time for some story swapping and boy have all these folks been around. Peter and Jean have driven across several countries. Scott and Laura have ridden 250CC bikes across Mexico, to Russia via Japan. Jill and Allen have Moked most of Australia's outback tracks.

16:45 June 4th
About 50kms from the end of the track, where we paused to reform the convoy in the middle of Boulder Alley, Scott models what we all looked like.

The worst driving of the trip was still to come. Driving straight into the setting sun, dust film over windscreens and glasses and the road made from boulders for the next 5-10 kms.

12:06 June 8th
Not really a person, but watch this banksia-like cone from a native plant morph into a new species of insect while we have a cuppa. Gerry started it, Laura moved it on and a few others helped out a little.

Banksiata Insectavorium Wispytailia!
13:52 June 11th
Every one, except Douglas, knew that his son Scott was flying up from Melbourne this day so they could spend a couple of days together. What a surprise! He rang Glenn from the airport then caught a taxi into town to meet us at the Coles car park where we gathered after puncture fixing.

18:04 June 15th
Evening sunlight in Laura's hair at Coober Pedy.

15:17 June 17th
For someone who seems to be the only person in this landscape, Laura seems remarkably cheery. Island Lagoon rest stop not far north of Pimba.