Two Voices

Why would you leave
your family
your home
your comforts

Why would you leave
your work
your responsibilities

To drive three weeks in
grown-up go-karts
with canvas flapping
on folding frames

It's spiritual.

From within
the spirit of adventure beckons
challenging security
nurturing comradeship
encouraging simplicity.

Time travel
to echoes
of a nomadic
ancestral life.

Make camp
eat together
tell stories at the hearth.
Break camp
move together
learn about the land.

Rhythm of life
Not pace of life

Adventure, comradeship, simplicity

But you will return.
You must.
It is surely in vain.
That's true
we know
we have chosen
and can choose

Not to leave
but to stay
and find balance.

Doug. Williams, 18/06/2008