Signs of Interest

09:36 May 31st
The emblem for the adventure was designed by Scott Markby and Laura Piccari. They also produced these stickers which were proudly displayed by each vehicle. There are also several to be found in key places along the journey.

(Yes Black Douglas runs on petrol and LPG.)

10:47 June 1st
A sign of good timing.

Doug's got it figured. You only need three pairs - one to wear, one to wash and one in the glove box for emergencies.

17:10 June 2nd
The Elsewhere Hotel engages its clients in a little mental puzzle. Which one do I use? This one or...

...this one?

13:11 June 3rd
A small part of the great country of Australia. Marree to William Creek is about 200km. Woomera, Coober Pedy and the Dog Fence will be visited on the return journey.

17:09 June 3rd
And here we shall stay the night camped on barren red soil. Tomorrow we will try to make Marla, which is the end of the track.

09:28 June 17th
Around Coober Pedy there is good reason for watching your step.

11:31 June 17th
Tree kangaroo: a sign of what can happen when a vehicle is caught fauna-cating. The animal had been flung about three metres off the road and landed in this small tree.

07:59 June 19th
How can you not be sure about the whereabouts of a river?

09:52 June 20th
Then what is the point of having it?
Underbool, Victoria.

Note: Photo times are now accurate because we are back in the home state.