Rev Arnie Wierenga
St. Margaret's
Uniting Church
will not be
preaching on
October 12th, 2014



he will be running
in the

to raise funds for

4 hours 13 minutes

Total donation $5,170


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His pain ... Their gain.


Why do this Arnie?

I see running for RYDA as a way to live out my faith. A marathon is personally challenging, but it is minor in comparison to the challenges these young people have to go through.

Then why RYDA?

My congregation have supported RYDA for 18 years. We know every dollar raised helps to change the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children and youths in Uganda.

Put Arnie's energy to good use!

Click the image below to download or print a sponsorship form.

Go for it!
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we can make a difference.

Committed to running ... Training Video ... Committed to RYDA.



Arnie has been training all through Melbourne's winter.
Fog, rain, sun, wind - his commitment never waivers.
Look for him if you are in the Dandenong Ranges. The hills are his training track!

He will run more than 1000km before October 12th.

More information
  • Arnie Wierenga
    Arnie is available for Interviews

  • Marj Hookey
    St. Margaret's Treasurer

  • Doug. Williams
    St. Margaret's RYDA Support Co-ordinator ... 03 9726 6968
    Doug is available for Presentations

  • RYDA's children come from orphaned or otherwise disadvantaged backgrounds. At RYDA they are trained in life skills and to government standard in a chosen trade. When they graduate they are assisted to find work. View the slide show below to get a sense of what this opportunity means to these young people.


Celebrate Graduation

Rejoice as you celebrate their 2013 Graduation Highlights

Think of it. Every person in this photo came to RYDA as a vulnerable youth:
  • perhaps orphaned,
  • perhaps from the street,
  • perhaps from child labour,
  • perhaps for some other reason, facing a hopeless future.
Now, after:
  • choosing to live at RYDA,
  • choosing one of RYDA's vocational training programs,
  • choosing to work hard and achieve their best result,
these children are graduating with a government approved qualification!


  • Click the link and save the file.
  • Turn on your computer speakers.
  • Double click the saved file.
(The file is a virus-free self-running 'exe' file of slides with music. If your virus checker rejects it, use this ZIP version and unzip before double-clicking.).

Background music performed by Lydia Nakyeyune who was sponsored through primary school by a group of St. Margaret's members. Lydia is now an adult with her own child. The material for the gowns in the video was supplied by Girls Education Movement which is linked to UNESCO and operates in several African countries.