A Photographic Tour of RYDA 2000

Page 2: In this part of the tour you will visit the Arts section, the RYDA shop and a RYDA exhibition.

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Geoffrey Steven takes us to the Arts section of the 'make the best of what you have' complex. Nothing is wasted.
A student working hard at the weaving loom.
Irene Kyeyune, Geoffrey Steven's wife and strongest supporter, takes us to the RYDA shop. All fabrics have been made by RYDA. Other objects have been fixed or fashioned by the students too.
The donated photocopier is put to good use for RYDA administration, but is also a small source of income making copies for others. To some extent this service covers the running costs of the machine that is so vital to the RYDA work.
A RYDA display at the public launch of a book and video on street kids. The Guest of Honour was the wife of the President of Uganda.

The banner makes the RYDA objectives very clear.

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