A Photographic Tour of RYDA 2000

In September 2000, Carol & Terry Ruthford from St. Margaret's Uniting Church, Mooroolbark, Australia visited RYDA in Kampala. Please join them on their photographic tour below and see more for yourself.

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Terry presents a substantial cheque to Executive Director, Geoffrey Steven Kyeyune. The cheque represents proceeds of a casserole and curry night. All the food was cooked outside in traditional 3 legged pots.
The deflated balls at their feet are personal gifts from the Ruthfords.
The presentation takes place on the roof of the RYDA offices. Carol joins the RYDA staff and supported youth for a 'family' photo. RYDA students are housed, fed, clothed and trained in the complex.
RYDA's Accountant and Electronics Teacher get busy with the day's work. At the time of the visit, they, like all the other RYDA staff had not been paid for four months. Yet they still come day after day to teach the young people and run the organisation.
The electronics class at work. RYDA works to provide training in skills which students may later be able to use to derive an income. The few students it has been able to pluck from the streets and support are being positioned to lead a better quality life.
Other students are preparing patterns for clothes in the Cutting Room. Geoffrey Steven is visiting with the class. At the time of the Ruthford's visit, RYDA was trying to secure a contract to make uniforms for a local school.
Terry is observing the class in the sewing room. Many of the machines were funded by a donation from the Anatoff Community which works with street kids in Melbourne. RYDA's day to day funding is so tenuous that even the purchase of a replacement for the next broken needle is a considered decision.

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