RYDA Executives Visit Australia 2001

Geoffrey Steven Kyeyune and his wife Irene, central organisers of RYDA visited Australia in March 2001. St. Margaret's Uniting Church was very happy to see them again. They spent their first week with Doug and Ina.

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9th March 2001
Hello children of RYDA. We have arrived safely in Australia. Doug and Ina want to thank you very much for your beautiful gifts of traditional African clothes. Doug thinks he is the King of Uganda!

Mr. Jemba James, Lydia and Nulu you are wonderful tailors. Thank you for this excellent attire.

Geoffrey, Ina, Doug & Irene

10th March 2001
Doug was working in his front garden. Geoffrey was lying on the grass watching him. A man came past walking his dog. He stopped. A conversation began, and for the first time Doug met a Rob Duncan, a man who lives around the corner.

Geoffrey Steven began to talk about RYDA and its mission. Rob is a member of the Life Ministry Centre church in Chirnside Park, and he listened with interest before leaving to finish his walk.
Five minutes later Rob came back. He said the Spirit of Jesus had moved him while listening to Geoffrey. It was amazing. He had returned to his home, packed up his keyboard and brought it back to give Geoffrey for the RYDA music class!!
Rob & Geoffrey
Geoffrey says that miracles in Australia will never end.

11th March 2001
Geoffrey Steven and Irene came to church at St. Margaret's to greet their second family.

As part of the Children's Time, Geoffrey and Irene taught the children the way to shake hands in Uganda.

Learning Ugandan Handshake

11th March 2001
Jim Foley, St. Margaret's minister, also asked Irene to teach the children a song. She chose "When The Saints Go Marching In".

Geoffrey thought he should also teach the children to dance during the song. They weren't so sure.

When The Saints Go Marching In

11th March 2001
Jim interviewed Geoffrey and gave him a chance to tell his St. Margaret's family how RYDA had developed since he first met them in 1996. Geoffrey was very thankful for all the help and brought messages of love from all the RYDA workers.

Geoffrey explained that the RYDA process involves meeting the street children at night in their environment and building a relationship of trust. This is the first step in chain of steps which eventually lead to offering the children a chance:
  • to live in the RYDA establishment, or
  • with foster parents, or
  • reunite with their families.
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Geoffrey Being Interviewed by Jim
So many children. So many programs needed to help.