RYDA Executives Visit Australia 2001

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12th March 2001
It is a public holiday so Geoffrey and Irene visit a beach on Phillip Island, south-east of Melbourne. The village on the hill in the background is San Remo. San Remo is on the mainland of Australia and is connected to the island by the bridge.
Geoffrey & Irene at Woolamai Waters

12th March 2001
This was Irene's first time at the sea, so she just had to have a paddle in the cold water. This quiet inlet is the Eastern Channel which is an entrance to Western Port Bay.
Irene In The Ocean

12th March 2001
Later we visited the open ocean at Cape Woolamai, also on Phillip Island.
Cape Woolamai

13th March 2001
Carol and Terry Ruthford took Geoffrey and Irene on a tour of the central part of the city of Melbourne. This is a very big city. From West to East it is about 60 - 70km across and houses about 3.5 million people.

Geoffrey, Irene and Carol on Bourke Street Mall in the centre of the retail shopping district. The Parliament House building is at the very distant end of the street. Bourke Street Mall

Geoffrey and Irene with Terry on the steps of Parliament House. They found the energy to keep climbing and spent a little while at the door of the chamber inside listening to the politicians do their business. Steps of Parliament House

This footbridge over the Yarra river leads to the Southbank pedestrian precinct. This is a place of restaurants, street performers and an ugly casino. It is also an exclusive address for the businesses in the tall buildings. South Bank - Looking South

The view behind Terry and Irene is looking North to the main business district. The red brick building is the central suburban railway station called Flinders Street Station.
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South Bank - Looking North