RYDA Executives Visit Australia 2001

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14th March 2001
Scott Koetsier organised for Geoffrey and Irene to visit his school. Aquinas College is a Catholic co-educational secondary school in Ringwood, Victoria.
The staff were very supportive of Scott's idea that his friend Geoffrey Steven should talk to the Year 9 & 10 students. They did a great job arranging the meetings at short notice. The school community was very welcoming.
Aquinas College, Ringwood, Victoria

14th March 2001
Geoffrey spoke to two groups of students. There were over 100 students in each group. The students seemed very interested in the RYDA work and at the end of the sessions the school presented Geoffrey with a welcome donation for RYDA.
Geoffrey speaking at Aquinas

15th March 2001
Geoffrey used the day to make some telephone contacts and follow up with some mail which he typed on Scott's computer.
We promise that the lion will not eat him!
Geoffrey at the computer

15th March 2001
Douglas took Irene to the street where some of the TV show Neighbours is filmed. The street is Pin Oak Court, Vermont South.
Irene sometimes watches the show on Ugandan television. Here she is standing in front of the Scully's house.
Pin Oak Court 1

15th March 2001
Irene also met this group of British tourists who had come to visit the street. Lou's house is in the background.
Real people live in these houses. They are not just movie sets.
Pin Oak Court 2

15th March 2001
This is outside Joel's house. Black Douglas has been here before with other visitors.
Pin Oak Court 3

16th March 2001
This day was mostly for relaxation before a big fund raising dinner tomorrow night. Geoffrey and Irene went walking for a while and then Ina took them shopping. Later on Irene had her first computer lesson. Geoffrey was to return home in two days, but Irene was to stay on for more computer lessons (and fun). Ina says she did really well.
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Irene's First Computer Lesson