RYDA Executives Visit Australia 2001

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17th March 2001


Geoffrey and Irene dressed in traditional costume to be guests of honour at a Casserole and Curry fund raising evening for RYDA at St. Margaret's church.

Geoffrey & Irene

17th March 2001
The night was organised by Carol Terry and Ina. Doug was on a plane to the USA so it was a bit hard to get back on time! However, at least Geoffrey could were his costume.

17th March 2001
Of course there was a large team of helpers, mainly South African friends, who put their traditional skills to work preparing the delicious food in three-legged iron pots. The food is slow cooked over hot rocks.

17th March 2001
There was also an extensive team of around 100 traditional eaters who enjoyed a great night of celebration, fellowship and support around the Lord's table.

And how much money did all this effort collect for RYDA?

Eating the results