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December 2002
The December half-yearly donation from St. Margaret's church, Australia, has been used to purchase new triple bunk beds for the centre. Since their previous donation at the end of July, St. Margaret's was able to raise $US779.74, just short of the $US800 needed for 10 sets of beds, but very welcome just before Christmas.

October 2002

  1. An updated profile of the RYDA organisation has been added to the site at the RYDA Profile link.
  2. A 2002 Annual Report can be obtained as an email attachment by contacting Doug Williams, site manager:

September 2002
The August half-yearly donation from St. Margaret's church, Australia has been used to buy a water tank for the new facility at Buloba. (See August News below.)

August 2002
A lot of new development has taken place at our new centres at Buloba and Kayunga. The number of children has grown tremendously at Buloba. At least a hostel and the office have been finished. The vocational block is about to be roofed but we are still looking for funds to do so. With some of the funding sent last time from St. Margaret's Church, we have managed to start the poultry project with 300 birds.

We have six heads of cattle, 600 banana plantation, 5 sheep, 15 goats at our new site.