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October 2003
When the secretariat of RYDA finally moved to the new 7 acre site in the country. (See the new contact details). Email communication was cut for some months and telephone numbers were changed, but could not be communicated. But we are now back in touch and...

  • The organisation has made tremendous strides and now has beds for 300 children.
  • New buildings have been erected and include a hostel, secretariat and vocational block.
  • Agricultural endeavours are also growing with 12 cows, 7 pigs and a plantation of bananas.
  • Diana has been doing well at school and will sit her Primary 7 exam in November. She needs our prayers.
There have been many other wonderful advances including:
  • expansion of permanent and voluntary staff
  • literacy classes for adults
  • extensive school program involvement
Executive Director, Geoffrey Steven Kyeyune has been in and out of hospital in recent months with malaria.

June 2003
The June half-yearly donation from St. Margaret's church, Australia, is $US364.87. In addition, St. Margaret's Friends of Diana group donated $US200 for Diana's school fees.