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Christmas Gift Certificate 2020
  • Do you struggle to find the right gift?
  • Is it getting difficult to tell people what to give you for Christmas or birthday?
  • Do you have all you need?
  • Are you wanting to down size anyway?
  • Are you a bit uncomfortable with the 'surprise' gifts you know cost too much?
  • Do you receive gifts you won't use?
  • ...
Gift Certificates are a solution where everyone wins.
  • I ...instead of... We?
  • Sure. Click here.
  • Or contact Doug (below).
Any Celebration Gift Certificate

Three Simple Steps

  1. We give you or your family/friends a full colour beautifully printed gift certificate.
  2. You or your family/friends add value to the certificate by donating to Rubaga Youth Development Association (RYDA) through St. Margaret's Uniting Church.
  3. The Value Added certificate is given to the chosen person by the donor.

Everyone Wins

  • An orphaned or vulnerable child in Uganda is supported.
  • You or your family/friends give something of real value.
  • You or your family/friends receive something of real value.

Be Creative With Certificates

  • Add your own message - space has been provided.
  • Give with an extra token gift such as a chocolate.
  • Put the certificate in a frame.
  • Put them in an album and add a new one every year.
  • ...


...from a high quality colour printer.
Click the image above.

Order Gift Certificates early from Doug. Williams:

Certificates will be posted FREE to anywhere in the world.

St. Margaret's Uniting Church


Give ... Receive

Enjoy your Celebration

Not Only For Christmas

Story 1
Jean and David were invited to a re-commitment ceremony. David's friend had married while overseas and some time later the couple returned to Australia. They wanted their Australian family and friends to have the opportunity to share in their celebration, but didn't want presents. The invitation suggested instead that guests bring a bottle of their favourite wine or make a donation to the guest's favourite charity.

David suggested to Jean that they give a RYDA Any Celebration Gift Certificate. Jean thought that was a great idea, so they did. Thanks for keeping RYDA in your mind David ... and for sharing the RYDA story with others.

Story 2
Franklyn's birthday was approaching - a significant decade birthday. What he wanted for his birthday was to support RYDA by asking his family to present him with RYDA Any Celebration Gift Certificates. He contacted us and asked for one for each person, then when he was asked "What can we get you for your birthday?" he was ready with the answer.

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