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Where is RYDA?

  • 8 miles from Kampala off Kampala-Mityana Road, near Buloba High School & Teachers' College
  • Latitude: 0 19 27.68" North
    Longitude: 32 27 57.70" East
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All About RYDA

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Sickness, Injury & Good Fortune

In the past couple of months Director Geoffrey Steven Kyeyune has not fared well personally. In April he was ordered to rest for several days when malaria took hold again. A month or so later he was involved in a motor vehicle accident which required another week away from the centre. He is still only 50% recovered from serious scalding. Geoffrey writes about the experience:

Oh no, it was very terrible in the middle of the road in the city center Kampala. A tragic accident happened. The RYDA van had a mechanical problem and I was taking it for serving and few repairs. Then its computer which had a fault accelerated itself which led to the
hose pipe connecting the engine and the radiator bursting and it locked me in as I was driving. You know the engine of the van is just under the co-driver's seat.

The experience of this was terrible and memorable. If the face was burnt I don't know whether I would be writing to you now. Am nursing the few wounds but am improving. This week I have started working in the office.

Geoffrey was indeed fortunate not to be more seriously injured. Please pray for continued healing of these wounds.

Update on Timothy

We met Timothy in April (see 2018 News). At 10 he is the youngest student at RYDA. He is a Primary 4 drop out who was referred by his desperate parents. We were all concerned how he would fare among all the older boys and girls.
This current photo of him answers the question. Geoffrey tell us with confidence that Kawoya Timothy Grace is an upcoming great ARTIST.

How the April Donation was Spent

The April donation sent by St. Margaret's Uniting Church on behalf of all our donors converted to 3.8 million Ugandan shillings. The objective was to support continuing work on a new shower/toilet complex and an additional new toilet block. Two septic tanks were purchased for 1.5 million each and the balance was spent on installing them, including all the filtering gravel and rock required in and around the buried tanks. These will be a huge improvement on the old pit latrines.

  • The first three photos are of the new shower/toilet complex built to service the new McLean Family Dormitory.
  • The final two photos are of the new toilet (male and female) near a well trodden area at the rear of the compound.

Plumbing, urinals and other equipment still needs to be purchased and roofing and other items are also needed to complete the work.

See below for a sign of hope that these projects will soon be completed.

Meet Alvin and Davis

RYDA's work is with orphaned and vulnerable youth. These two recent students have been welcomed at RYDA. Geoffrey writes:

(The) two are disabled and they are by the names of BESIGYE ALVIN and MATOVU DAVIS. These students were not able to join any other school apart from RYDA, where they have joined the Art and Design department as their desired course. They are doing well. BESIGYE ALVIN is 15 years old from Mubende and he is a son to Nalubega Anet and Kigozi Francis. MATOVU DAVIS is 20 years old from Lugazi, a son of Namutebi Milly and Lubega Stephen.
Meet Alvin
Meet Davis

They are not orphaned but their disabilities made them vulnerable because they have not been receiving an education. As Geoffrey puts it:

The isolation of these children that they can not participate fully in value addition to their lives through school is no more, for now they are being trained in Art and Design.

Iolanthe a Double Success

If you weren't able to enjoy one of the performances of Iolanthe - St. Margaret's June 3rd and St. John's June 10th - then please enjoy the photos below. Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to Singularity for donating their time and talent to provide two wonderful, musical afternoons of Gilbert and Sullivan silliness.

A huge thank you also to all who came along. Some travelled long distances; some walked in 'off the street' after reading shop window posters; some were faithful supporters from the host congregations. Your gifts at the door raised:
$708 at St. Margaret's and $1000 at St. John's

In addition, one person came to the Cowes performance but had forgotten her purse. No problem, she had her phone and immediately transferred ticket price plus more to St. Margaret's. These amounts plus an additional substantial donation from a faithful Cowes family (thanks so much - you know who you are) and other monies given since April mean that


which converts to US1711.36 was transferred to RYDA at the end of June. Thank you for every single gift - large or small or in between they all matter. We look forward to seeing what happens next with the two toilet blocks.

RYDA Presented to UCAF

In early May the annual gathering of the Uniting Church Adult Fellowship in the Yarra Yarra Presbytery was presented with a talk about the history, objectives, success and struggles of RYDA since its inception in 1993. The 45 minutes began with video and was supported throughout by vibrant photos. Many people commented on how interesting the presentation was.

Our speaker is available to present to your church or community group. See more information at the head of this page.

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