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  • 8 miles from Kampala off Kampala-Mityana Road, near Buloba High School & Teachers' College
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Meet Chloe & Jorja

Sisters Chloe and Jorja are the stars of St. Margaret's Uniting Church.

Their new way of supporting RYDA has everyone involved and the bonus is a cleaner, greener earth.

Terracycle is a huge industry recycling 'materials that are difficult to recycle'. The big end of their work is manufacturing businesses, but they also offer a range of recycling opportunities to anyone who wants to become involved. With the help of mum Naomi, the girls chose their target rubbish and decorated these wonderful recycling cartons to receive the congregations' toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, toothbrush packaging and other cosmetic item packaging.

When the cartons are full the material is delivered to Terracycle which pays 1 cent for each item as a donation to the collector's chosen charity. Chloe and Jorja chose RYDA.

Your church, club or group could do the same. Follow the girls' lead in supporting RYDA and keep this recyclable material out of landfill at the same time.

Laptop for RYDA

In the February news we mentioned that the only computer RYDA had which connected to the Internet had failed. We wondered if providing a new one was to be the first project for the year.


St. Margaret's treasurer checked the books in the first week of March and found almost $1000 had been given since the start of the year. Not enough.

On the second Sunday in March the congregations of St. Margaret's and St. John's, Cowes, were simultaneously invited to support a Laptop for RYDA mini-project. At the end of this day, just over $2000 was available. This included a significant amount from one Cowes family and a pension-stretching donation from another.

On the third Sunday the total grew to just over $3000 with significant amounts from two St. Margaret's families and a myriad of amounts in the plate, the RYDA box at St. Margaret's and bank transfers. More than enough for a laptop, but the project was deemed open for one more week.

On the last Sunday of the month the total rose to $3,250.65.

More than enough! Thank you to the scores of people in and around St. John's and St. Margaret's who have continued their faithful support of RYDA and answered this need so quickly. We expect this amount ($US2,336.97) to be in RYDA's account by the time you read this.

The 'change' will be used to push on with the completion of the McLean Family Dormitory (see February News).

This is what the new boys' dormitory looked like at the beginning of March. A beautiful building created with their own hands and the help of local artisans. But not quite finished. Inside, concrete flooring needs to be completed in some spaces and electricity needs to be connected. We hope the 'change' from our laptop donations will be enough.

Food Security and Prayer

Last year RYDA planted a large garden of matooke (green bananas) in the hope that it will provide an extra degree of food security following the next dry season. As you can see if you compare to the original photos in 2016 News (September) the matooke is growing well. Any farmer knows that there is along way to go before the crop will be gathered. Please pray for the success of this crop.

Prayer is also needed to support Director Geoffrey Kyeyune and the staff. A phone call to RYDA in the third week of March revealed that Geoffrey is still struggling to recover from malaria. As a result, Principal Suzan Nabirye willlying steps up to take on some of Geoffrey's load and in their turn staff do all they can to support their beloved Director and Principal. Please remember them as they guide their many orphaned and disadvantaged youth towards a positive future.

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