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Help Sought and Found

On November 19th we received this message from Principal Suzan:

Dear Douglas,

Good morning hope all is well.
I have had to make sure that all meetings organized by the ministry I attend to them and to register the students for the promotional exams, so I have been quite very busy since Director is not in office now.

The Executive Director has been ill and hospitalized for the last three weeks, but there is slight improvement shown and the doctors want to discharge him from hospital, but the challenge is money. They need $US1200 for his medication and hospital bills and yet at school we cant raise that amount. Its upon that background that I write to request for that financial help because I am stuck.

At school, we are doing UBTEB promotional examinations for both year one and year two students. We begun this week on Monday 18th and we shall be completing next week on Friday 29th.

This is my humble appeal to you and our beloved donors any help given I shall be very grateful in support to our Executive Director.

Yours in Service
Nabirye Suzan Liz

Have you ever needed to ask for financial help? Then you would know how difficult it can be to ask a friend. It speaks volumes for our consistent support of RYDA that Suzan felt she could turn to us for help in this unusual situation. She had to trust in our donors and trust that in God's hands such a request would be heard.

We too had to trust. The necessary funds certainly weren't sitting in the bank. The word went out to St. John's, Cowes and St. Margaret's, Mooroolbark.

  • The first donation came from St. John's before the end of the week.
  • At the beginning of Sunday morning worship at St. Margaret's about one third of what was needed was in hand.
  • At the end of the service that had become about half.
  • By the time the Church Council met mid-week over two thirds was in the bank and Council decided to top up to the needed amount from general revenue.
  • On Thursday (a little over a week since Suzan's plea) the funds were transferred.
Suzan was immediately informed that the funds were on the way. She responded:
We have been waiting for this wonderful message. Glory be to God and great thanks to All our donors who have supported Geoffrey in such a time when indeed he really needed such support. He was supposed to be discharged yesterday Wednesday 27th and his health is improving slightly although still weak and has lost weight.
Well done good and faithful servants. Once again you have allowed the Spirit to move you.
We found out later that Geoffrey had developed diabetic foot ulcers which prevented him from walking. The infection was accompanied by high fever. Hospitalisation was essential.
Breathing Space

In our schools, when exams are over students and staff look towards a Christmas holiday. It's almost the same at RYDA. Remember, all the students are orphaned or vulnerable youths. RYDA administration staff spend a lot of time during the year establishing and maintaining contact with every child's wider family. For most, contacts are known and at this time of the year those students return to their villages. A small number remain at the Buloba centre cared for by a skeleton staff.

This period provides breathing space for our dedicated and very busy principal, who wrote on December 10th:

I hereby write to acknowledge the receipt of US $1300 sent to RYDA account. The funds were credited on Friday 06th/12/2019.

I want to extend our appreciation for the quick response to ALL our donors both at St.Margeret church and St. John of COWES and other for the support they gave Geoffrey this has put a smile on his face.

I talked to Geoffrey and he is very appreciative for supporting him. The support gave him a quick fix to meet his hospital bills. May the Almighty God bless you ALL. He was discharged on Saturday 07TH/12/2019 and he is now out of hospital back home. Geoffrey is a striving man always thinks about the RYDA children and staff, a good administrator who builds everyone.

Our donors should know that RYDA will continue with its work moving on and the Executive Director will also keep supporting the team with his experience and expertise.

We the RYDA community wish ALL our donors and the entire Australian supporters the best Christmas and a happy new year 2020.

The July donation of US $1895 (from Singularity concerts) was used to add some more training equipment and tools in preparation for the external practical examinations which were done in ALL departments and the computer laboratory was also boosted with new computers since its a requirement for each student to do a computer exam.

The RYDA students did their D.I.T and UBTEB examinations successfully. The exams were done with a lot of heavy rains since its a rainy period. Now students are doing a one month and half practicum for the first years and second years will have a six months training for their internship.

Lastly, attached are some photos of students during the recent examination period.

May God bless You
Suzan Liz Nabirye

2019 Christmas Gift Certificates

Fay and Ron from Yarrawonga are long time supporters of RYDA Christmas Gift Certificates. They printed theirs from our web site last month and Ron sent this message when he wrote to confirm a donation:

Thank you for our christmas certificates. It saves us a lot of hassle thinking what to buy our grandkids etc., and we really love to know we are helping in a small way at RYDA.
There is still time for you to add a certificate to someone's stocking ... or choose to support RYDA by telling your family that supporting RYDA is all you want for Christmas. Print from this site yourself or contact us and we can post to you.
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