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Director Returns

After over two months of hospitalisation and recovery much-loved Director Geoffrey Steven Kyeyune returned to work on February 5th. One of his first tasks was to write to his supporters, especially the congregations of St. Margaret's and St. John's, to thank them for paying his hospital bills. (See November 2019 News for the background to Geoffrey's illness, his need and the response.)

Geoffrey is 8kg lighter, is trying to maintain a recommended diet and will now only work Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Dear Doug Williams,

It's important to have people who support you in this challenging work but today when I arrived at the center I was greeted by everybody. Once again I write to appreciate people who supported me while I was sick and hospitalized. What an opportunity you gave to pay the hospital bills. The supporters acted fast and on time. I am very grateful for the donation.

Today I resumed work. There is a lot to be done. As the year begins, we are finishing the follow up on the children who are doing their practicum/field experiences and submitting their report to the examining body.

You must also know that the years I have worked has made RYDA community a team and our children too have the Director at heart.

Challenges come and go since I worked with RYDA but I have never realised the impact we have made to community, schools around us and the children / young people under training and the young people we have trained.

I will always remember their visit while I was sick. Those we trained in the past flocked to our house to show sympathy and small gifts to make me feel at home. The Headmaster of the neighbouring primary school even gave 100,000 shillings to contribute to my upkeep at home. The RYDA staff and children have flocked to my office since I have returned.

Many things happen in Life which sometimes leaves you pondering on what is going to happen next. Deep through these problems you need to stick to Prayers.

When I got sick, I didn't expect to pay these bills but with connection and people of good will it happened and I was discharged from the hospital. Let me take this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude to all those who supported me to have new life and bring me back to the office. You are game changers. May God bless you abundantly.

Let me hope that this will not happen again. I am now more stronger to help the team to work alone without me.

Geoffrey Steven Kyeyune

Two Days Later

Do you remember that in the middle of 2019 RYDA was invited to apply to WorkAid UK for a shipment of reconditioned tools to support various of the training programs? The application was submitted and included a support letter from Australian supporters. RYDA was visited by WorkAid representatives later in the year and assessed as worthy.

  • On his second day back at work Geoffrey received an email telling him that 63 cartons of tools were on their way. What an inspiration!
We hope by our next newsletter the delivery will be complete and we will be able to show you some photos.

Appreciation from Principal and Staff

Suzan Nabirye, Principal, was blown away by this message from WorkAid and wanted to thank Australian supporters for the letter of recommendation.

We write to thank you for the effort made to see that Work Aid gives us all the equipment as received on the directors email. He shared with us and we thank God for such a big breakthrough. We also thank you for the continual support that you are giving to RYDA. We are indeed very grateful and pray that God will reward you abundantly.
Yours Faithfully,
Suzan the Working Mum

Suzan's youngest child, Daniel, was born on November 28th, 2018. She returned from maternity leave in March. Daniel is just over one year now. We don't have a current photo - perhaps next time - but here is at around 9 months.

Yep that's a mobile phone he's cutting his teeth on. Mobile phones made
a huge difference in Uganda. Communications could expand quickly without the need build expensive land line infrastructure.

What do you mean I can't? You told me that was enough screen time
and I had to find something else to do. That's what I'm doing.

Christmas Gift Certificates

Congratulations to everyone who gave or received RYDA Christmas Gift Certificates recently. Your thoughtfulness resulted in a total of: $AUD770.
You don't have to wait until next Christmas to make use of RYDA certificates. We also offer an all purpose certificate for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings... You can support RYDA in this way at any time of the year.

Disability is not Inability

Disability is not inability to the RYDA community. Mid-February RYDA received a trainee, Kinalwa Gilbert, aged 18 years. He chose to do Art & Design. Two years ago Matovu Davis, also disabled, chose Art & Design (see June 2018). He has now finished a two year course and is a darling in society. This year there are 4 trainees and all have chosen to do Art & Design.

The photo shows Madam Precious, the Multi Media Instructor, with Kinalwa Gilbert Gonzaga in the blue shirt and Mukibi Conrad.

Other News

Geoffrey has again been voted by the Ministry BTVET non-formal training providers to be the Chairperson of the central region and the Vice Chairperson for the entire country. This illustrates the impact of RYDA Vocational and Technical Institute skills training for vulnerable children. We congratulate Geoffrey on this honour and pray that he is granted the good health and wisdom to be able to fulfil these roles in addition to his duties at RYDA.