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Scrapbook of Blessings In God's time between February 2010 and January 2015 a brand new hall grew to bring a new heart to RYDA Vocational Training Institute and the wider work of Rubaga Youth Development Association. On this page you can share the joy of the opening day celebrations which continued enthusiastically from 8:00am to 8:00pm with the assistance of a DJ and sound system with at least four speaker stacks. St. Margaret Hall was well and truly blessed!

The day's programme was organised by a student committee with the help of a small staff team. Everyone worked to prepare the compound and the Catering Department staff and students worked for hours using traditional African cooking methods - slow cooking in large wood-fired kettles - to prepare enough food for around 300 people, 285 being current student boarders.

  • Learn more about the destruction of Kasubi Hall and the birth of St. Margaret Hall through the link above.
  • Learn more about RYDA's work at the time through the tour link above.
  • View the messages of support presented at the opening by clicking on the image to the left. This is a 5Mb PDF slideshow that changes automatically every 10 seconds, or which can be over-ridden by arrow keys.

It's 08:00, Thursday March 5th 2015. As we enter the compound we find the boys brushing the dust off every square centimetre, the staff cleaners preparing the administration block and the girls picking up rubbish from the road between the girls' dormitory area and the main compound. Use this preparation time to become familiar with the compound and its buildings.

As the compound is made spick and span, inside St. Margaret Hall the sound system, decorations and chairs are gradually brought together.

Then, jobs done and with 10:00 approaching the crowd begins to gather, all smartly dressed in their school uniform. Well, as usual, the boys are dragging their feet and still have to get changed. The compound cow is wondering what all the fuss is about.

As soon as the DJ hits the go button, St. Margaret Hall fills to overflowing for festivities that begin with student organised performances, including the (agreed) requirement that every staff member has to 'show their moves'. More 'refined' staff members and guests find a reason to spend as much time as possible having official photos taken.

Many musical moments later, the television and radio crews had arrived and it was time to declare St. Margaret Hall open. Everyone spilled outside to make a guard of honour. Tusanyuse Okukuraba. 'We are very happy to see you'. The ribbon was cut by Doug. Williams, RYDA Support Co-ordinator, St. Margaret's Uniting Church, Mooroolbark, Australia on behalf of all donors who contributed to the building of this magnificent hall.

When everyone was settled the RYDA Choir entered singing I will enter his gates with thanksgiving in my heart. And the music began all over again punctuated by role play and performances by guest professionals, one of whom was a former RYDA student who now owns his own music production business.

About now everyone started getting into the act.

Then, leading into the lunch break, and with many more festivities to come, Doug. Williams presented RYDA with a scrapbook of blessings from Australia and far beyond with the wish that St. Margaret Hall would stand as a monument to the achievements in RYDA's past and as a launching place for God's future challenges to RYDA and its supporters.
(Read the pages of the scrapbook in the link at the top of this page.)

Lunch was essentially one big picnic held in stages so the Catering Department was not overwhelmed. During the break the students took the opportunity to change into their best casual clothes for the 'let's party' afternoon and evening that was to come. The music billowed out from St. Margaret Hall and filled the local area. So much so that on their way home from school the local primary students crowded around the doors to see what was going on. Geoffrey Steven Kyeyune made a place for some front and centre on the stage and the teenagers were stunned by their moves.

But the children weren't the only ones to win applause!