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May/June 1999

Gael & Norm Brabazon, retired members of St. Margaret's congregation, with support vehicle driver Val Jeanes, undertook to pushbike from Adelaide to Alice Springs. The actual ride was from Gawler to Alice Springs and the actual distance travelled was over 1500kms.

The ride took approximately 19 days including two rest days. The team camped all the way through Australia's dry inland, except for two nights in Coober Pedy and two nights in Port Augusta.

They were equipped with dehydrated food for the journey, lots of Weetbix and other cereals and plenty of energy bars. The backup vehicle was carrying plenty of spare parts

A typical day began at 6:00am to breakfast, break camp and be on the road by 7:30am. The ride was broken into thirds by meal and refreshment breaks and the next camp was established by 1:00 or 2:00pm. The longest days ride was 120 kms and the shortest was 56 kms.

And the Result of this Endurance?

  • Two very sore ...
  • One flat tyre (on her bike).
  • Wonderful memories of the people met along the way.
  • Elation at the reception provided by Bruce Nulty and the Alice Springs Uniting Church
  • and ...
  • A total of $US1652 electronically transferred to the RYDA bank account.