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Video Books unite printed page, audio and video as an MP4 file.
A re-imagined reading format that enriches content and context.

They play on any screen device but are easiest to use on a touch screen.


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What Did Dora Do Today? (Series)

These, our first video books, are designed to help young children learn to read.

  • In the family, cuddle up with a notebook computer or pad.
  • In the classroom, use in pairs with a notebook computer or pad, or use the class display screen.
In either case, before, during and after you read:
... discuss ... predict ... encourage ... question ... imagine ... make connections ... look for similarities and patterns ...

stimulated by the text, photos, videos and sounds.

Each book has a secret page turning sound. Can you guess it before the end?

Young readers soon learn to take charge of the video controls.


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Piper inspired the Dora books.
  • Piper and Grampa read Book 1 together when she was 4 and in pre-school.
  • Piper and Grampa read Book 7 together one year later when she was 5 and nearing the end of her first school year.
The first thing she did after finishing Book 7 was use it to teach Dora to read from Dora's own book. Click the image to discover how Piper teaches Dora to read.

Choose full screen for best experience. Is your volume on?

Read Dora Book 1 whenever you wish.
  • Click this image to read Book 1 on You Tube.
    Piper was using a touch screen device. Are you?
  • Book 1 may be freely distributed.
  • To download, click the same image below,
    then right click while the video is playing.
If Book 1 proves valuable you may want to purchase the full set.


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Download Book 1 (130MB)

Click to start the video book,
then right click to 'Save video as...' (or similar).


Purchase Books 1-7 (1GB)
What Did Dora Do Today?

Full Set

Video Books are supplied as a Zip file via a download link sent by email. All transactions are in Australian dollars.

Contact: Doug. Williams
Black Douglas Professional Education Services

to arrange payment. EFT, Visa/Mastercard and PayPal are available. Credit card attracts a 2% surcharge. Receipts will be supplied if requested.

Schools/institutions may supply a purchase order. An invoice will be sent.

Download time will be about 15 minutes
depending on connection speed.


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