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My name is Douglas Williams

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I never made it with guitar. My ability to tune strings is proportional to my ability to hold a tune. But I do drum a little in the company of the right musicians.
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It hasn't happened yet, but it will happen.


Professional Background

I began my teaching career in 1970 as a secondary mathematics teacher in a remote rural high school. I advanced to head of department of a large inner city high school and then transferred to the primary division at the beginning of 1978. I taught primary school from then until the end of 1992 when I became a freelance consultant working almost exclusively in mathematics education.

Through my primary years I taught Years 2, 3 and 5 as a classroom teacher and for five years taught all levels from Prep to Year 6 as the art specialist in the school. I team taught in a double open plan room for several years and for many years was involved in extra curricula activities with the school's bands and theatre presentations.

Beyond my particular school I have been involved in many ways over many years with the Mathematical Association of Victoria and the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers, which are the professional associations of my state and country respectively. For example I have been president of the MAV and editor of both its primary and secondary journals.

I have written for an extensive number of journals and authored, or co-authored, several books. Many of my articles appear in The Classroom Connection, a journal for primary teachers which, unfortunately, is now out of print. Each issue, contained articles on most areas of the total primary curriculum - language, literature, classroom management, health and physical education, science and technology and so on. From 1999 - 2001 inclusive I was also the editor of this journal.

Some of my publications include:

  • Teaching Mathematics Through Children's Art
    Oxford University Press, Melbourne, (Heinemann in the United States)

  • Cal. Q. Lator: Your Classroom Companion
    Oxford University Press, Melbourne.This book is now out of print, but many of the ideas from it are included in the Calculating Changes section of Mathematics Centre.

  • Mathematics Learning For Life
    Series co-authored with Pam Hammond and Jenny Vincent for Oxford Press, Melbourne.

  • Learning Space With 3d Geoshapes

  • Points Of View, Representing 3D Objects In 2D
    Mixed Media Unit co-authored with Charles Lovitt and Ian Lowe for The Task Centre Collective Pty. Ltd., Melbourne.

  • Maths With Attitude
    Series co-authored with Charles Lovitt for The Task Centre Collective Pty. Ltd., Melbourne. More information about these hands-on learning kits is available in the Maths With Attitude section of Mathematics Centre.

  • Maths300
    co-created with Charles Lovitt. More information about these investigation-based lessons designed as a professional learning tool can be found here.

  • Poly Plug
    A classroom friendly resource with huge range of applications. More information about these hands-on learning kits is available in the Poly Plug section of Mathematics Centre.

  • Professor Morris Puzzles
    Poster Problems in rhyming verse form with cartoon style drawings. More information about these hands-on learning kits is available in the Professor Morris section of Mathematics Centre.

Throughout my career, in addition to my daily teaching responsibilities, I have provided professional development for my colleagues as part of the healthy Australian educational culture of sharing experiences so that all may continue to learn how to teach.

Provision of professional development is now the focus of my work. It would be my pleasure to discuss servicing the mathematics education needs of your school, cluster or district.


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