Coward Springs

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14:27 June 3rd
Coward Springs is a man-made oasis. A bore was sunk to service the original railway and it started a permanent water flow. There is a cost to explore the area or camp, but payment is an honour system.

The bore service a warm spa in the middle of nowhere and...

The current owners have used the bore to build a wetlands in the desert.

Jill is refusing to get out and face the dust again... Allen reckons he might as well have a smoke.

The old Station Master's residence has been restored and is a private home...

...with a beautiful Indigenous garden with superb Ghost Gums...

...groves of mystical Desert Oaks...

...and remnants of attempts at introduced species, perhaps even with a view to new agricultural industry.

Camping here is rustic and primitive, but the spa would be worth it.

First light a fire in the water heater if you want a hot shower. That depends on finding dry wood of course.

When it is hot enough make your way briskly to the facilities.

Of course it would be best not to rely on the water supply. There isn't much and it doesn't rain very often. This is June and there has only been 2mm since February!