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Coward Springs ... Uluru ... Kata Tjuta ... King's Canyon ... East MacDonnell Ranges ... Coober Pedy Tour

12:28 May 31st
Seymour Station. An unexpected lunch break while Dave fixed his trailer.

11:03 June 1st
Waiting for the train at Murrayville Station.

09:26 June 3rd
The usual morning nature call gives Doug a chance to capture the scenery on the lower reaches of the Oodnadatta Track. Distant derelict sandstone buildings from another time are scattered over the South Australian outback.

10:21 June 3rd
Marree has remnants of the Old Ghan railway and the 'Old Hoon' knows just how to get them moving again.

11:42 June 3rd
Plane Henge
Speaks for itself really.

Plane Henge has lots of other metal sculptures too. Photo is taken standing in the middle of the Old Ghan railway. If you squint you can see a train in the distance.

12:49 June 3rd
Lake Eyre South viewing point. Scott is learning to recognise God's own country.

12:49 June 3rd
Lake Eyre South viewing point. Scott is learning to recognise God's own country. It seems waterless but the signs tell a different story.

We are actually standing on the edge of the equivalent of 130,000 Sydney Harbours.

15:35 June 3rd
This is a mound spring formed by mineral-rich water percolating to the surface. The water evaporates and the minerals remain gradually building the mound.

One hopes Allen isn't really thirsty.

Scott is still working on the God's own country thing...

...but Doug thinks he's got it figured.

11:23 June 4th
We stopped for morning tea at Algebuckina Siding. Fortunately the cattle decided to cross the road just after we passed them.

This is another remnant of the original railway.

The buildings may be decayed, but this bridge in the middle of nowhere is heritage listed.

What an feat to have constructed it here under these conditions in the middle of the 19th century.

More recently manufactured steel structures abandoned nearby don't fare as well.

07:57 June 6th
The moths grow big at Erldunda.

10:24 June 6th
So do the trucks. And they get pretty creative about their load too. This unit was on its way to Western Australia for some road contracting work.

12:40 June 6th
Scott & Laura at Mt. Conner Lookout on the Lasseter Highway on the way to Yulara, the resort at the boundary of the Uluru/Kata Tjuta National Park.

The unnamed salt lake in the background is about one hundredth the size of Lake Armadeus, also salt, which is about 50kms further behind Douglas over the horizon.

Mt. Conner is on the other side of the road in the distance.

High Noon.
11:58 June 11th
While waiting for his tyre to be replaced, Doug found this Sturt Desert Pea blooming in the nature strip.

16:21 June 11th
Transport Museum. Scott used to put this model Kenworth together when he had a part-time job at the Kenworth factory in Melbourne.

12:07 June 12th
Scott and Dad are off on a picnic to the East MacDonnell Ranges which are the caterpillar on the left of the gap behind them. This photo is from Anzac Hill in the centre of Alice. They were a bit late getting away because, when having breakfast, they discovered that the petrol pump was leaking.

10:39 June 13th
On the way to the airport we visited friend Lucy Skoss in her award winning model desert garden. It even has its own dry creek bed. It is also practical because when it rains the creek picks up the run off that floods across the road and delivers it away to the side of the house. It used to come in the front door. The small cycads were seeded at the Alice Springs Desert Park. Lucy made the mosaic tiles.

11:22 June 14th
Henbury Meteorite Craters. Scott & Laura are leading the walkers along the far rim. This crater was made by a rock only the size of a 44 gallon drum.

The crater is 180m x 15m x 6m. The area is unique on earth for the ground patterns formed by the craters. They are very like those on the moon and American astronauts have been brought here to learn what to expect when they land on our biggest satellite.

13:29 June 15th
Coober Pedy is unique in the world. This landscape, produced by small scale single person mines, is the reason. But how are these almost perfect conical mounds made.

16:56 June 15th
After making camp we went for an evening walk in the town. This is the front window of the underground Catholic Church.

Now turn around and view the worship centre.

17:56 June 15th
Outer edge of Coober Pedy from the tallest mound in the town.

18:02 June 15th
Sunset Study of a Winch #1.

18:06 June 15th
Sunset Study of a Winch #2.

18:07 June 15th
Sunset Study of a Winch #3.

18:13 June 15th
Sunset Study of a Winch #4.

And in the opposite direction ... moon rise.

The tube in the foreground is a breather from an underground house.

11:18 June 16th
The moon-like landscape is never far from the town.

11:21 June 16th
This is how the the mounds are made. These vacuum trucks are a Coober Pedy invention. One miner down the mine and this operated by cables can suck out the mining dust and dump it in a conical pile from the hopper at the top of the arm. Dyson vacuum cleaners basically work on the same principle.

07:55 June 17th
Sunrise reflected in the western sky behind the camp ground fence makes it look like a bushfire is approaching.

During lunch at Glendambo, BD seems to have found a friend.

15:49 June 17th
Our next camp ground was at Woomera. We were told they had reserved us a place on what was left of their grass. Look closely and you might find a leaf or two, but at least it isn't totally gravel as in Coober Pedy.

08:16 June 18th
Morning shadows at Woomera.

09:40 June 18th
Black Douglas pays a visit to the Woomera Rocket Park. This vehicle seems to have an affinity for erectile structures.

11:10 June 19th
We spent most of the morning at the Birdwood Motor Museum where one the items of special interest to us was the Coke Moke.

But you also had to be amazed by the restoration of this truck from the wreck on the video screen to the pristine machine beside it.

And this is why that truck was important to restore.

07:42 June 20th
Early morning in Pinnaroo only a few kilometres from the Victorian border.

Is there anyone around?

Only early morning Mokees.

Child care centre in the hotel breakfast room!