East MacDonnell Ranges

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12:49 June 12th
Scott at Emily Gap...

...checking out the Aboriginal art.

Give me a crack. I'll make you a tree.

The sand is the bottom of a river. When it rains water rushes through this gap.

13:28 June 12th
Not far along the road is Jessie Gap.

Aborigines know these two gaps to be important sources of water in dry times.

14:24 June 12th.
The next stop along the ranges is Corroboree Rock. On occasion it is still used for that purpose today.

15:42 June 12th
Crossing a (thankfully) dry river bed, possibly Ross River to enter Trephina Gorge. Judging by these Ghost Gums there is water here somewhere.

Scott is either about to walk the gorge or be taken up in an alien space craft.

The gorge won.

With a good boil the water in this stagnant pool could be drinkable.

You can walk through the gorge, then walk back along the rim. There are longer walks too if you have the time.

The view from the top is worth the climb (which is not too strenuous).

16:35 June 12th
Back to BD for the trip back to Alice before dark. Roos and cattle are a problem on the road at dusk.