Kata Tjuta (The Olgas)

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18:30 June 6th
Kata Tjuta in the evening sun taken from Imalung lookout in the middle of Yulara.

10:02 June 7th
Kata Tjuta in the morning sun taken on the way to the entrance to the National Park. The 'Cousin It' type trees are Desert Oaks. They grow small like this with a 'fuzzy head' until their roots find water, then burst into a more normally shaped tree.

Heading into Kata Tjuta to hike The Valley of the Winds.

The walk is about 7.5kms and includes rocky climbs, tracks on open plain tracks and wonderful scenery.

Zebra Finches are always found within 300m of water.

14:25 June 7th
Walk finished. Time for a bite of lunch in the car park, then off to walk the base of Uluru, about 40kms away.