King's Canyon

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11:02 June 9th
About two thirds of the way up Heart Attack hill at the start of the King's Canyon Rim Walk. The car park can just be seen in the middle distance.

The creek walk is through the gorge in the background. That's the low road. We will be going around the rim in the background.

Camouflaged. Can you find the bird?

Cycads are prehistoric plants that pre-date ferns. They survive as relics of an ancient tropical landscape.

Life clings and conquers in ridiculously difficult conditions - over 50C in summer and rare rain events.

11:50 June 9th
At least another three hours of walking. We are taking our time and soaking in the privilege.

The Ghost Gum in the background is much more attractive than us.

Any tree that survives up here has to find a way to grip into the rock crevices. The thick horizontal 'lines' at the base of this tree are its main roots.

12:38 June 9th
To reach Cotterills Lookout you have to cross this gully on a bridge. Today it is metal and bolted to the rock. The remnants of the original one, made from tree trunks and fencing wire, lie rotting below.

Views from the other side are worth the scramble. This is looking back to the mouth of the canyon.

Across the top of the Canyon where earth and sky commune.

12:56 June 9th
There could be worse places for lunch. This was about the only place with shade. This was winter, but the shade was still welcome. The shelf is only metres from a deep drop to the creek walk below.

From left: Scott, Laura, Doug, Bob, Glenn, Gerry & Jill. Allen stayed in the car park.

13:38 June 9th
This bird led Scott and Doug along a creek bed into the Garden of Eden.

14:45 June 9th
On the south rim now and heading for the car park. Still a way to go in the hottest part of the day and the most open ground on the walk.

15:38 June 9th
Safely back with Allen at the cars.