Uluru (Ayers Rock)

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18:02 June 6th
Uluru in the evening sun taken from Imalung lookout in the middle of Yulara.

09:59 June 7th
Uluru in the morning sun taken on the way to the entrance to the National Park.

Note: Entrance fee of $25 per head (for a 3 day pass) applies to all, even if you come on a bus tour. Children under 16 are free.

15:01 June 7th
On the road to Uluru after spending the morning at Kata Tjuta. The apparent rain clouds produced nothing here, but later in the afternoon there was rain at Kata Tjuta and at the same time, 400 kilometres away, Alice Springs received an inch over night.

15:26 June 7th
Beginning the 9km base walk. The walk is all flat and, despite its pock marks, you are walking around ONE rock the whole way. As with an iceberg only about one tenth of it is showing above the surface.

17:07 June 7th
Well I'm a long tall Texan...

The circuit is almost complete, but there are still some surprises to come.

17:46 June 7th
Black Douglas shares the setting sun with Uluru. You can see a section of the climbing track on the right side of photo.