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February 2019

What You Have Done

Let's start the new year by looking back.

  • Whatever you have given financially to support RYDA makes a difference in itself and when combined with the gifts of others it makes an even greater difference.
  • However often you have prayed for RYDA makes a difference in itself and when combined with the prayers of others it makes an even greater difference.
  • Whenever you have retold the story of RYDA it has made a difference in itself and the more supporters do this face to face and through their social media the greater that difference will be.
How will you continue to support the orphaned and vulnerable young people at Rubaga Youth Development Association?

On your behalf, during 2018 St. Margaret's transferred

$7,220.24 (AUD)


In addition, through the Christmas Gift Certificates you gave

$1,425 (AUD)


The Christmas amount will soon be transferred to RYDA along with additional donations received since the end of 2018.

What They Have Done

The youths in these photos are attempting practice exams last October in the lead up to government exams. (In the last photo some of the staff are enjoying the benefits of a baking test in the hospitality and catering course.)

RYDA Vocational Training Institute, Buloba, Uganda exists to provide vocational training for orphaned or otherwise vulnerable boys and girls from 12 to 18, in a live-in environment which supplies all daily needs. All children were on the street, or in child labour, or in child-headed families or exploited in some other way. Most have have not completed primary education, even though it is compulsory in Uganda.

  • RYDA is an African success story. Here's the evidence.
This morning I visited the DIT (Directorate of Industrial Training) to check (...on the result of last year's exams). It was pleasing to hear that RYDA students performance was 98% passed with Distinction and 2% with credits. In the country we were second.
The performance is highly appreciated here at the centre and the instructors have done their all. The credit goes to Suzan Liz (Principal) and the Director of Studies as most of the time during the year I have been sick.

Geoffrey Steven Kyeyune, Executive Director

It's a pleasure to write to you this morning about what transpired at the institute this year. ... Their external final examinations took place on November 23rd 2018. All the thanks go back to the RYDA staff and the Principal for the work well done. RYDA, our institute of excellence.
Stephen Onyait, Director of Studies

What Needs To Be Done

When we send your donations to RYDA they are very rarely ear-marked. We know the Board will direct any funds to address the hierarchy of needs at the time. Through 2018 much of what was transferred was put towards the construction of a toilet block near the canteen and a shower/toilet block adjacent to the new boys' dormitory. This second block is incomplete.

With the funds we received we managed to purchase the two septic tanks for the two toilets, dug the soak pits and filled them with the hard cores. We also managed to buy the urinals and the toilet seats, What is remaining is the roofing and connecting the water supply to the toilet to have a constant supply.
Any assistance greatly appreciated. See How To Support RYDA.

Update on Suzan

The December News let you know that Principal Suzan gave birth to a son on November 28th. She took maternity leave around the time of the October practice exams. The first photo shows that she too was able to enjoy the fruits of the catering class. The second shows her not long after the birth. The young lady is her sister Esther who was looking after her during the delivery period. Suzan and Daniel continue to do well and Suzan is expected back at the centre in March.

March/April 2019

Donations Transferred

The previous news was published at the beginning of February when the total of the Christmas Gift Certificates and other donations through January wasn't know. A few days later all the amounts were collected and we were able to transfer:
$2358.80 AUD
which included $1425 from the certificate giving. Thank you again to all who were part of that giving sequence. We know some of the funds were used to purchase paint to give RYDA a facelift - see article below - and we believe the balance was used to complete the sanitary block project. No photos of that as yet though.

RYDA Facelift

March 19th Director Geoffrey Steven Kyeyune informed as that:

...the Ministry of Education requires all private and Government schools to put their Institution to order before they're closed. Yesterday they started visiting these institutions and it is interesting to report that they were fascinated with the total outlook of the RYDA facility and children and the team. Our score card was 85% and the best institution in Wakiso District.
Knowing this critical assessment was coming the staff and students set to work over a month ago to neaten up and brighten up the facilities. Photos below show the result. You can see why RYDA received such a good report.

Double Diary Date

A Cappella choir Singularity will present Gilbert & Sullivan's Patience in concert at:

St. Margaret's Uniting
Church, Mooroolbark
Sunday June 2nd, 2019

St. John's Uniting
Church, Cowes
Sunday June 9th, 2019

Please put aside one of these dates now.
Singularity has been singing for RYDA annually for many years.
It is always an afternoon not to be missed. Which event will you attend?
More information next month.

Director's Experience Recognised

Dear our Partners,

Years have gone with our partners and friends supporting Rubaga Youth Development Association (RYDA) programme activities. Indeed you have reshaped our development strata and our will to continue all these years. The pride of these continuous developments is shared by all RYDA, Partners and supporters.

This year the Executive Director RYDA has been selected to chair the Skilling Uganda Program (Non formal Program). This national program is targeting the vulnerable young people who have not got the opportunity to acquire skills for self sustenance.

All this recognition is due to proper usage of the resources which have been extended to RYDA in rebuilding its center. When we sit and reflect for all these years of support from the printing of the street children book, tennis balls, rebuilding the Kasubi Hall to mention but a few. It is a real journey to be proud of. For us at RYDA we are very grateful for the support and a compassionate heart of our supporters who have made us different from the others in the country. Our approach to youth development is totally different from others in the country.

Small donations which are regular has made us more consistent on being on track. May all those who have supported us over the years be rewarded abundantly. The recent grant sent was also used to give a new facelift to our center and work on the toilet to the boys dormitory.

I will always remember the lovely faces of our supporters who have contributed a lot to growth without which we wouldn't have been where we are.

Geoffrey Steven Kyeyune

Student Art on Display

RYDA Facilities on Display

Hairdressing section. The first room of two rows of teaching spaces.
RYDA entrance is to the left of this building.

All teaching spaces except the first room on the right
which is the Infirmary.

Up the hill to the two boys' dormitories.
The first is the newer McLean Family Dormitory.

Turn 180. Director Geoffrey, foreground, in conversation with a group.
Administration building is in the background. Matoke plantation (green banana) to the left on the rise above the lawn. Self help food source.

Diagonally behind administration is another building and behind that, across a small local road, is the girls' dormitory compound, Principal's house and RYDA kitchen.

St. Margaret Hall, the central meeting point for all the RYDA community. A place for celebration, graduation and a range of events
which include the local community.

RYDA stands midway up a hill above the Kampala-Mityana Road. St. Margaret Hall can be seen from the road and from the new housing developments on the hillside across the valley.

Living in this place must be so good for the souls and spirits of the orphaned and vulnerable children who come to RYDA to learn a trade, gain a government certificate and change their future.

May 2019

Choose Your Concert

The most marvellous SATB choir, Singularity, will perform Gilbert & Sullivan's Patience in melodious concert with sumptuous costumes at both St. Margaret's Uniting Church, Mooroolbark, and St. John's Uniting Church, Cowes, in June. Choose your concert below.

Patience features rapturous maidens, handsome and moody poets, a platoon of enthusiastic British Dragoon Guards and the local milkmaid who throws a wrench in it all! Its witty, satirical comedy takes us inside the world of the nineteenth century Aesthetic Movement and its poets. Patience will be conducted by Lucas De Jong and accompanied by Lyn Bromage.

Patience (Miranda Bromage) does not share the infatuation of these
aesthetic maidens, (Ellen Maple and Glenys Hickox). Photo by Robin Halls.

Click your choice to access a PDF for printing.


Can't Make It...

...but wish you could so you could support RYDA?...

Please consider donating your admission as if you were present. To support either performance send a cheque or transfer funds as explained in our support link.

June 2019

Singularity Concerts A Success

The Singularity performances at St. Margaret's, Mooroolbark, and St. John's, Cowes, on the first two Sundays in June were both wonderfully merry, colourful and musical afternoons. See photos below.

Thank you to every one who supported these events in any way and, of course, a massive thank you to:

  • All the singers
  • Conductor Lucas de Jong
  • Accompanists Lyn and Andrew Bromage
  • Narrator Alan Bromage
  • Costumiers and all others who support Singularity
Everyone in Singularity gives their time, preparation and talent freely. Their efforts and the practical and prayerful support from both congregations resulted in:
  • $1000 AUD at St. Margaret's
    (including a special donation from one couple after the event to 'round the total up' from $870)
  • $1280 AUD at St. John's

Donations Transferred

Gathering the proceeds from the two concerts and adding donations received in recent months from a range of generous people meant that St. Margaret's treasurer was recently able to transfer:

$2829 AUD

to help RYDA continue its amazing work.

(St. Margaret's is the banker church for RYDA supporters in Australia. See How to Support RYDA.) In future news editions we will let you know how RYDA puts your gifts to work.

Update on the Director

Most readers will be familiar with the name Geoffrey Steven Kyeyune who is Founder and Executive Director of Rubaga Youth Development Association. Quite a few readers also count him as a friend. Geoffrey spent much of May in and out of hospital trying to balance his insulin dose following a diabetes diagnosis last September. During these stays it was also discovered that he has stomach ulcers.

Geoffrey has had a tough twelve months. Last June he was involved in a vehicle accident that resulted in serious burns to the upper body. These took a long time to heal with several admissions to hospital and during the process he suffered a bout of malaria leading to further hospitalisation. That is when the diabetes was discovered.

Geoffrey on his return to work at the end of May.
Geoffrey continues to work daily at his beloved RYDA whenever he can. The students and the staff are always delighted when he does. Please include Geoffrey in your prayers.

Principal Keeps Us Informed

Principal Suzan Liz Nabirye, who only recently returned from maternity leave, has expanded her role to include responsibility for communicating with supporters whenever Geoffrey is unable. She has updated us with these stories from current students.

Note: All full time RYDA students are 12-18 year old orphaned or vulnerable youths (OVCs). All receive full board, tuition and more free. RYDA cares for 200-300 each year.

NAME: Kampi Jenipher
DEPARTMENT: Hair Dressing
DATE OF BIRTH: 12th December 2003
PLACE OF BIRTH: Kyani Nyanza (Kaliro District)
Primary Six at Kyani Nyanza primary school. Dropped out of school in 2017 because grandmother was not able to raise school fees.

Jenipher writes:

The executive director of RYDA one day visited our place because he is a friend to my grandfather. He found me sited at home he inquired why? So they told him that it was the fees problem. There he offered me full bursary at RYDA Vocational to study skills of hair dressing.

Therefore, I am very happy for this great opportunity granted to me because I had lost hope I knew that I was finished. But God raised me up through Mr. Kyeyune Steven the executive director RYDA.

NAME: Kaddu Jonathan
DEPARTMENT: Art and Design
Primary Seven (P.7). At Country College school Matugga from Senior Three (S.3).

Jonathan writes:

I dropped off after I got an accident from home. I fell down from the upper floor of the house and it affected my brain so I lost my conscious. I could no longer catch up at school.

Then my parents thought of taking me for vocational skills in order to survive in future. Luck enough, we found RYDA vocational whereby I was accepted with my condition after my parents explaining to them my condition. I am happy that I am able to do things I never thought of doing before.

Disadvantaged Adults

RYDA also trains disadvantaged adults in short courses (modular assessment programmes). They come in the afternoon at two o'clock and study for two hours each day for three months. The three examples below are from the 2018 group. They were examined (by the government) and passed well. RYDA gave them an opportunity and catered for all tuition expenses. However, they come from their accommodation to RYDA on a daily basis.

Agaba Festo aged 36. Father of three children from Kamwenje but currently staying in Buloba.

I have been having a dream to work as a chef but since I did not go to school, I had lost hope. But when I heard of this program of skilling at RYDA, I was overwhelmed with joy. I could not wait to apply. I applied but with doubt because of my age and education background thinking that I would not be admitted, but on my surprise RYDA admitted me.

Now as I speak I was trained in Catering and Hotel Management and am able to bake cakes, daddies, scones, cooking food which has enable me support my family and improve on my livelihood. RYDA was able to employ me as their school cook. With this, I want to thank the donors from Australia for this program that RYDA is carrying on to equip the less advantaged group of people like us who did not attain school to see that now I also have a certificate and am going to be graduated in August this year. May the Almighty God bless our donors.

Mudhanga Prossy aged 30. Single mother of three children and from Budaka District.

I have been as a nurse but always thinking of adding value to my profession so when I heard of this RYDA opportunity of skilling in different trades, I picked interest and sought for admission. I could not wait to apply. I applied and was admitted on the programme. As I speak now my completed results were back and exhaled with Grade A. Am now able to bake cakes, biscuits, scones and many more and I am able to generate more income to meet my daily demands as a single mother besides my monthly salary.

I therefore thank the donors from Australia for this program that RYDA is carrying on to equip the less advantaged group and also adding value to peoples' professions to improve on their livelihood. May the Almighty God bless you ALL.

Ndinya Fred aged 22. A young man from Budaka but now residing in Buloba.

I am a boy who came from Budaka to Kampala trying to hustle with life. But when I heard of this opportunity, I also applied in Electrical and as I speak now I am able to do wiring in houses and am able to generate my own income. Out of this I am now planning to upgrade for diploma. I thank the donors for giving RYDA support that enabled me to have an opportunity to be trained.

The following comments are from the Principal's report on the 2018 modular assessment course.

Additional Feedback from Trainees
We cherish the opportunity offered to us by our supporters and instructors. We look at the training as a stepping stone to improve on our livelihood and also for improving on our education levels. The training is interesting in such way that it caters for some of us as adult learners and enables us to cope with the time-frame designed. This also includes training in life skills and entrepreneurial skills to make us compete in the labour markets. Thanks once again to our donors from Australia for the support given, we are so grateful and appreciate very much for your kindness.

Challenges Faced
Like any other training institution RYDA training centre also faced some challenges and here below are some of them:

  • Cost of training materials were very expensive which changed from time to time due to current economic situation especially the instability of Uganda shillings.
  • Some of the trainees had some pressing family issues which made some come late for the training sessions.
  • Over expectations by the trainees who want to be trained in more than one trade.
Way Forward
There is need for continual support from the donors so that many who are under-privileged get the opportunity to be skilled and improve on their livelihood.

WorkAid UK

At the end of 2011 RYDA applied for support from WorkAid and at the beginning of 2014 128 boxes of tools arrived at RYDA. Workaid UK tackles poverty by supplying disadvantaged people with the tools they need to acquire practical skills and become self supporting. A perfect match with RYDA's work. Tools and equipment are collected from all over the UK, refurbished and sent to vocational training projects and self-help groups, mostly in East Africa and in the UK.

Since 2011 the WorkAid team has been keeping in touch with RYDA's progress through our web news and this information plus a visit to the centre during the earlier application process seems to have convinced them that RYDA's work continues to be valuable and successful.

Earlier this month WorkAid approached RYDA and invited them to prepare a new application. This process is now under way. It is very exciting to be recognised in this way and we will keep you informed as this latest process unfolds.

Singularity Album



July 2019

Donation Received

This message arrived from RYDA on July 24th following a transfer sent earlier in the month which was reported in the previous eNews.

Am sorry for the delay but we have been busy registering our students for their end of the year exams both DIT and UBTEB, but I write to acknowledge the receipt of $US1895.

Let me also extend our sincere appreciation to all those who have made this possible. But in a special way to St. Margaret Uniting Church and St. Johns Cowes who have continued to support these events.

Now we are finalizing registration exercise and we shall then embark on the graduation event preparation.
Geoffrey Steven Kyeyune

Editor's Note:
You can gain some idea of what is involved in registering 200+ students by visiting the Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board site. You can also confirm on this site that RYDA is a registered examination centre (#170 in the list), an honour which brings considerable responsibility.

New Art Installations

The RYDA Art Department has begun an exciting new addition to their curriculum. Students are gaining experience in creating and installing life-size outdoor art pieces within the RYDA compound which reflect the principles and practice of living and learning at this wonderful Buloba centre.

Perched on the slope in front of St. Margaret Hall and just above the compound entrance, this first piece celebrates graduation.

The second piece, above and below right, will illustrate two students in discussion. Both exhibition pieces are being prepared for the graduation ceremony for 2018 students which will happen in a few weeks.

WorkAid Application

The WorkAid application for funding has been submitted and received. It was supported by a letter from St. Margaret's Uniting Church. It now works its way through this charity's processes and eventually, we hope, will lead to a donation of much needed to tools to restock and extend RYDA's teaching equipment.

The application included statistics such as the number of graduates from 2003 to 2018 is over 4854.

Information about numbers of students in each course in 2018 is shown in this chart.

September 2019

One Email: Two Months Achievement

We have received only one email, with photos attached, from RYDA since the previous issue of RYDA News in July. But it's all we need to realise just how busy the training centre has been with special activities and events on top of the normal day to day running of a large, very successful, vocational training school which offers free full board and tuition to 200+ orphaned or vulnerable youths.

Enjoy. You have been part of bringing about this success.

Dear Doug,
It has been a while without hearing from us . The work has been hectic at the centre. However better late than never. Please I have sent photos in three messages. Let me hope you have received them.
Do you remember in the July News there were photos of art students and their teacher creating life-size 3D statues? A new creative activity for RYDA students.
In the first message I sent photos of the finished sculptures. This was an attraction to everyone who came for the graduation ceremony. Many of our guests took photos. This prompted the Guest of Honour to place an order to RYDA to make one sculpture for the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT).

Almost finished.
Which one is the real person?

The graduation ceremony was for the 2018 graduands who have now been in the working world for about 9 months. They were helped by RYDA to find their first employment.

The graduation started with an exhibition, then the prayers. It was colourful and successful. The graduation attendance was 506 people. The guest of honour was the Director of DIT. During his speech he applauded the RYDA work and called on government to support the RYDA institution.

Look carefully at the background for the ceremony and you will see RYDA's matoke (green banana) plantation is looking very healthy. This is part of their drive to become food self-sufficient. They are an entrepreneurial people. Sometimes even their school facilities can bring an income.

Among those guests who attended the graduation, one booked RYDA centre for a wedding ceremony for her daughter. This wedding attracted 325 people. They used the compound in front of the office.

The building in the background
of these two photos is St. Margaret Hall.
You helped to build that.

Please keep up your prayers and financial contributions for this hard working and inspired organisation which will continue as an African success story through your support.

October 2019

WorkAid Visit 2019

Do you remember WorkAid's previous support? In October 2013 a container with 128 cartons and various other much needed tools and furniture arrived at RYDA from WorkAid UK.


There was so much stuff that in early December cartons were still being unpacked.

Around $95,000 worth of donated goods to help strengthen and expand RYDA's Vocational Skills Training Institute for orphaned and vulnerable youth. Your donations at the time paid for the customs and taxes involved in entering Uganda.

In June this year we reported that WorkAid had approached RYDA suggesting they make another application for support. In our July News we confirmed that the application had been written and submitted. Now we can report that WorkAid representative has made an evaluation visit to RYDA as part of the process of considering the application. In early October the Executive Director wrote:

Greetings from RYDA. I have been away attending the workshop organized by examination bodies. Examinations are starting in three weeks time. The examination period starts on 20th October 2019 and ends on 29th November 2019.

I also use this opportunity to inform you that the WorkAid official visited the RYDA center. He was fascinated by RYDA activities and programs. He was taken around by the Principal and Director of Studies, Mr Onyait.

Let us hope that from the visit our request will be a success. From the feedback I received this morning that seems possible.

2019 Christmas Gift Certificates
  • When you don't know what to give
    ... give a RYDA Christmas Gift Certificate.

  • When you don't know what to receive
    ... ask for a RYDA Christmas Gift Certificate.

Christmas is about adding value to other people's lives in celebration of the birth of Jesus, the ultimate act of adding value to life.

  • We give you the certificate (as many as you want).
  • You add value to it through donation to RYDA.
  • You give the certificate to your special person and explain that their gift is adding value to the life of a vulnerable teenager in Uganda.
The spirit of Christmas is giving. That spirit is captured in Christmas Gift Certificates.

We invite you to join the many who annually give to family and friends in this way.

Include RYDA Information (2 page PDF) with your gift so your special person can learn more about the RYDA story.

December 2019

Help Sought and Found

On November 19th we received this message from Principal Suzan:

Dear Douglas,

Good morning hope all is well.
I have had to make sure that all meetings organized by the ministry I attend to them and to register the students for the promotional exams, so I have been quite very busy since Director is not in office now.

The Executive Director has been ill and hospitalized for the last three weeks, but there is slight improvement shown and the doctors want to discharge him from hospital, but the challenge is money. They need $US1200 for his medication and hospital bills and yet at school we cant raise that amount. Its upon that background that I write to request for that financial help because I am stuck.

At school, we are doing UBTEB promotional examinations for both year one and year two students. We begun this week on Monday 18th and we shall be completing next week on Friday 29th.

This is my humble appeal to you and our beloved donors any help given I shall be very grateful in support to our Executive Director.

Yours in Service
Nabirye Suzan Liz

Have you ever needed to ask for financial help? Then you would know how difficult it can be to ask a friend. It speaks volumes for our consistent support of RYDA that Suzan felt she could turn to us for help in this unusual situation. She had to trust in our donors and trust that in God's hands such a request would be heard.

We too had to trust. The necessary funds certainly weren't sitting in the bank. The word went out to St. John's, Cowes and St. Margaret's, Mooroolbark.

  • The first donation came from St. John's before the end of the week.
  • At the beginning of Sunday morning worship at St. Margaret's about one third of what was needed was in hand.
  • At the end of the service that had become about half.
  • By the time the Church Council met mid-week over two thirds was in the bank and Council decided to top up to the needed amount from general revenue.
  • On Thursday (a little over a week since Suzan's plea) the funds were transferred.
Suzan was immediately informed that the funds were on the way. She responded:
We have been waiting for this wonderful message. Glory be to God and great thanks to All our donors who have supported Geoffrey in such a time when indeed he really needed such support. He was supposed to be discharged yesterday Wednesday 27th and his health is improving slightly although still weak and has lost weight.
Well done good and faithful servants. Once again you have allowed the Spirit to move you.
We found out later that Geoffrey had developed diabetic foot ulcers which prevented him from walking. The infection was accompanied by high fever. Hospitalisation was essential.
Breathing Space

In our schools, when exams are over students and staff look towards a Christmas holiday. It's almost the same at RYDA. Remember, all the students are orphaned or vulnerable youths. RYDA administration staff spend a lot of time during the year establishing and maintaining contact with every child's wider family. For most, contacts are known and at this time of the year those students return to their villages. A small number remain at the Buloba centre cared for by a skeleton staff.

This period provides breathing space for our dedicated and very busy principal, who wrote on December 10th:

I hereby write to acknowledge the receipt of US $1300 sent to RYDA account. The funds were credited on Friday 06th/12/2019.

I want to extend our appreciation for the quick response to ALL our donors both at St.Margeret church and St. John of COWES and other for the support they gave Geoffrey this has put a smile on his face.

I talked to Geoffrey and he is very appreciative for supporting him. The support gave him a quick fix to meet his hospital bills. May the Almighty God bless you ALL. He was discharged on Saturday 07TH/12/2019 and he is now out of hospital back home. Geoffrey is a striving man always thinks about the RYDA children and staff, a good administrator who builds everyone.

Our donors should know that RYDA will continue with its work moving on and the Executive Director will also keep supporting the team with his experience and expertise.

We the RYDA community wish ALL our donors and the entire Australian supporters the best Christmas and a happy new year 2020.

The July donation of US $1895 (from Singularity concerts) was used to add some more training equipment and tools in preparation for the external practical examinations which were done in ALL departments and the computer laboratory was also boosted with new computers since its a requirement for each student to do a computer exam.

The RYDA students did their D.I.T and UBTEB examinations successfully. The exams were done with a lot of heavy rains since its a rainy period. Now students are doing a one month and half practicum for the first years and second years will have a six months training for their internship.

Lastly, attached are some photos of students during the recent examination period.

May God bless You
Suzan Liz Nabirye

2019 Christmas Gift Certificates

Fay and Ron from Yarrawonga are long time supporters of RYDA Christmas Gift Certificates. They printed theirs from our web site last month and Ron sent this message when he wrote to confirm a donation:

Thank you for our christmas certificates. It saves us a lot of hassle thinking what to buy our grandkids etc., and we really love to know we are helping in a small way at RYDA.
There is still time for you to add a certificate to someone's stocking ... or choose to support RYDA by telling your family that supporting RYDA is all you want for Christmas. Print from this site yourself or contact us and we can post to you.
  • When you don't know what to give
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  • When you don't know what to receive
    ... ask for a RYDA Christmas Gift Certificate.

Christmas is about adding value to other people's lives in celebration of the birth of Jesus, the ultimate act of adding value to life.

  • We give you the certificate (as many as you want).
  • You add value to it through donation to RYDA.
  • You give the certificate to your special person and explain that their gift is adding value to the life of a vulnerable teenager in Uganda.
The spirit of Christmas is giving. That spirit is captured in Christmas Gift Certificates.

We invite you to join the many who annually give to family and friends in this way.

Include RYDA Information (2 page PDF) with your gift so your special person can learn more about the RYDA story.

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