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February 2015

The previous eNews was early December. We took a break for the summer but RYDA, and some donors, certainly haven't. This month's news begins by catching you up with events since December.
Christmas Certificates Change Lives

Final Total


What a fabulous result! Thank you to so many.
You thought twice about the meaning of Christmas and chose to save a Ugandan youth from child labour exploitation by sharing in the new chance offered by vocational training at RYDA Centre.
Every cent will be transferred to the RYDA account.

Happy New Year

Dear Friends,

On behalf of Rubaga Youth Development Association (RYDA), I hereby write to wish you a Happy New Year.

We at RYDA we are proud of you for the support and the financial contribution which has made us strong in the year we are concluding. We have received the contribution towards the acquisition of the RYDA van, the funds to successfully fix the doors, window glass and to paint St. Margaret Hall to mention a few. Without the financial contribution I didn't imagine we would have celebrated this year. These projects have been completed because your contribution as the church taking initiative and mobilizing others to support our cause here at RYDA.

As we celebrated the past year we all also celebrated your good health and compassionate heart towards the vulnerable people we are working with here in Uganda.

We wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year 2015.

Geoffrey Steven Kyeyune
Executive Director, RYDA

They Did It!!

Sure we helped through our prayers and donations. But they built it!

On January 4th we received news that RYDA's new hall is finished.

St. Margaret's hall

  • What a monument to the Spirit of God blending the resilience, determination and skills of RYDA staff, students and friends with the generosity and faithfulness of donors far and wide.
  • What an opportunity God now provides through this assembly hall / worship centre / teaching room / community centre to strengthen RYDA's work with the orphaned and vulnerable youths of Uganda through vocation and life-skill training.

The new hall will be officially opened as St. Margaret Hall in early March.

The name was chosen by the RYDA Board to recognise all those across Australia, and sometimes beyond, who have worked through St. Margaret's Uniting Church, Mooroolbark, to support its construction. Particular mention must be made of the faithful and continuing support of St. John's congregation, Cowes, and the marathon runs of St. Margaret's minister Rev. Arnie Wierenga in 2011, 2013 and 2014 which inspired supporters to give around $US17,500 to this project.

This new name seems even more appropriate given that St. Margaret of Scotland herself was known for serving orphans and the poor every day before she ate, and washing the feet of the poor as a reflection of the work of her Servant Lord.

In what is also undoubtedly a movement of the Spirit, Doug. Williams, RYDA support co-ordinator at St. Margaret's, finds that he has work in South Africa at just the right time to be able to make a private side-trip to Uganda for the opening. He will be representing you and everyone in the incredible extended family of donors who channel their gifts through St. Margaret's.

Learning Is Happening

RYDA holds itself fully accountable to its donors. Funds are provided so that vulnerable and disadvantaged Uganda youth will learn life and vocational skills to improve their future opportunities. The graph below is taken from an extensive report of the first three months of a project to target 135 youths in, or likely to fall into, child labour. An International Labour Organisation grant is funding all except USD26,000 of this grant. Your donations are supporting RYDA to find this difference. That's only around USD200 per child (which on today's rates is about AUD260.

For young people who, for the most part, have had little or no primary education, these first quarter results are remarkable.

One More Child Secured

This photo of RYDA motor vehicle student David Mbugga was shown at a recent meeting of the Moke Owners' Association of Victoria and the story of the 135 former child labourers was told. It resonated with these owners and drivers of Mokes who have just celebrated the 50th year since commercial production of the first Moke. Most of them frequently 'get their hands dirty' tinkering with their favourite vehicle and everyone could sense the importance of the life-changing opportunity being offered to David and his cohort.

Later, over a cuppa with St. Margaret's representative, several people asked for more information and some gave donations. But Brian was able to go a step further. He took $260 from his wallet and passed it to our representative with the comment: One more kid is now secure in that course.

Read David's story in the November 2014 news.

March 2015

St. Margaret Hall Officially Opened

Bring together 285 teenagers, a DJ with a sound system that would bring down the Sydney Opera House and a hard-working passionate staff, then throw in a couple of official guests and a good lunch and you have the makings of a never-to-be-forgotten celebration of a job well done. The opening song from the RYDA Choir was I will enter his gates with thanksgiving in my heart, I will enter his court with praise. Nothing could have been more appropriate.

Follow these links to review the history and join in the celebrations:

These links are also available on the Home Page and the Contacts page has been updated to include a photos of where to turn off the Kampala-Mityana road to drive into RYDA.

RYDA's Work DOES Matter

While Director Geoffrey Kyeyune was showing his Australian guest around Kampala, Geoffrey received a phone call. It was from a former student of the

RYDA Vocational Training Institute. He was ringing to thank RYDA for the opportunity it had given him. He had graduated in recent years and been assisted to find a job. It was a starting level job in a company and he was ringing to tell Geoffrey that he had just been promoted to a full time Field Officer position.

RYDA is an African success story and needs our support to continue creating successes like this for orphaned and vulnerable teenagers. Vocational skills training is the key.

Water: The Next Big Step

In the last week of February St. Margaret's transferred AUD 3012.02 (US 2207.29) to RYDA which included an amount for bank charges at both ends and donations from many sources, including the amount mentioned in the February eNews that was gathered through Christmas Gift Certificates. As always the Director called a meeting of staff and asked how this could best be spent. The answer was unanimously on securing water supply.

Currently there is one tap on the 10 acre property that provides safe drinking water. It begins as rainwater captured in a tank. It is piped to the kitchen where it is boiled, then cooled and fed to the single tap. All other water is from tanks collecting rain water from buildings.


The water requirements of 285 male and female teenagers for hygiene and hydration are immense. Add to that the water needed to cook for them and the water needed in various courses such as catering, art and design, motor mechanics and hairdressing. It's actually incredible that RYDA has been able to survive this long with just its tank system.

But the future is near. During January and February the water board laid mains water pipes through RYDA's property to a pressure tank recently constructed on top of the hill above the compound. The staff voted that the money be spent to connect the property to the main line and pay for the connection fee to receive 'town water'. That has been done and every student will benefit. No water is flowing yet, but it is hoped the water board will complete its work in the next few months.

Your donations allowed this next huge step in RYDA's development. Thank you again to all who contributed.

May 2015

Message from the Director
Dear Doug,
Let me hope you are okay and fine. Indeed we have been busy since you left. The ILO students did their final trade Test Exams and after that the placement of 135 for field placement which have kept us very busy.

Then this week we had an external evaluator doing an evaluation of our education for these students. The only challenge RYDA had was meeting its financial obligations. But the good thing was the training was strong and he was impressed with RYDA activities and staff.

On Monday we are having a final workshop to discuss the findings with the partners of the project.

Editor's note:
As regular readers would realise the 135 students referred to are former child labourers, or teenagers who were in danger of falling into child labour. They are being provided with vocational and life skill training within an intensive 11 month project, funded in large part by the International Labour Organisation, which will finish in September. RYDA's financial obligation mentioned above is to contribute $26,732 to this project.

Your help in contributing to this amount is very much needed.

Meet Katumba Brian

Brian Katumba is a RYDA staff member, seen here showing his moves at the opening celebrations of St. Margaret Hall. Brian is a Ugandan, 28 years old, born to Mr. Richard Charles Lwanga and Ms Jane Nyahayo but raised by an old grandmother now 80 years. His family remains in the Buloba-Wakiso District, adjacent to RYDA.

Brian is a RYDA vocational instructor in Motor Vehicle Mechanics. He has four years experience working at RYDA. He decided to work with RYDA because he was a former student - one of the pioneers. He is qualified in the motor vehicle field and there was a vacancy at RYDA, which is near his home, and he had an interest in serving and teaching others.

Brian's treasured experience at RYDA is having discovered that every child has a potential to develop under an enabling environment. Brian describes RYDA as being and working with a focused loving family that has unity, team work and builds one's sense of belonging and career development.

On a RYDA working day the schedule is tight. Classes begin at 06:30 with compulsory life skills subjects handled by the Director and the Principal.

Then at 08:30 students are sent to departments until 10:30 when they have a tea break. By 11:00 they are back from break and work to 13:00. Lunch is until 14:00 when students and staff begin afternoon classes which run to 16:00. General cleaning, counseling classes, music, dance and drama and bible study are allocated on different days from 16:30 - 17:30.

Outside RYDA, Brian enjoys soccer so he is one of the team members of a soccer club of young boys in Buloba. He is also a committed church member with different roles to play at church.

Meet Nakirijja Endurance

Nakirijja Endurance, aged 16 years is from Mende sub-county in Wakiso District. Her family lives in the same sub-county and the father's name is Mr. Ssekiyivu Steven a farmer and her mother Ms. Nampala Justine, also a farmer. She comes from a family of seven children and she is the fourth in the family. She is currently placed for her apprenticeship at Nagalama Art Gallery with her friend Nantabo Rose.

The family size is big, making her more vulnerable, and that's why she stopped in Senior three at Mt. Kamerokyelima Secondary School. She had some experience from her secondary school in crafts making and drawing since Art and Design was one of the areas to be covered in secondary as a subject. Due to her earlier skills in Art and Design she was motivated to join the RYDA art and design course and improve on her skills.

The centre-based training time frame was six months. She began her course on 1st September 2014 and completed by 2nd March 2015, when she was placed for apprenticeship at the art gallery. In the future, Endurance wishes to have her own art gallery where she will be doing her art work.

(Editor's Note: Thanks to Suzan Nabirye, Principal, who provided the information about the staff member and student above.)

Diary Date

Sunday July 5th - Singularity Sings
Trial by Jury and HMS Pinafore
for RYDA at St. Margaret's

Not to be missed. More information next month.

June 2015

Meet Nafuna Sarah

I am Nafuna Sarah, an instructor in electrical and electronic department.

I am a Gishu from the eastern part of Uganda, born from a family of two, me being the last born. I was raised by my grandmother since the age of three after the death of my parents. She saw me through school until my senior four when I had to work to raise tuition for A-level and vocational studies then university where I am currently doing my diploma in electrical engineering.

In RYDA I am not only an instructor, but am also the Director of Studies (D.O.S) by God's grace.

I chose to work with RYDA, because I met a team that would enhance the journey to my success and also I was compelled by the support and expertise of handling students of which the majority have a similar background like mine. I felt it's a place just like home.

Oh, it's the day I was given an opportunity to further my studies with all the support and blessings, yet still be an employee of RYDA. God bless the day I met this wonderful team!

Working with RYDA has taught me to be a faithful, spirited and hardworking human especially from Mr Geoffrey who has shown this through his transparent administration to us.

A RYDA working day starts at 8:00am with arrival to the school, attend to the students depending on my timetable, and if not on timetable I attend to my office work as a Director of Studies.

Outside RYDA I spend most of my time at home or church, until of late when I engaged in small-scale farming.

RYDA on Google

Don't search 'RYDA' on Google. Other organisation use the same acronym. But try searching 'Rubaga Youth'. You get some great results. This site, of course, is on top of the list, but right beside it in the right hand column is a Google map link. Zoom in, take the satellite view, and you can even see the tracks the boys have walked across the grass from their dormitory to St. Margaret Hall.

You will also find a YouTube video interview made by the WorkAid evaluators who visited RYDA in 2014 following the delivery in 2013 of 128 boxes of tools and equipment. In the video Geoffrey (Director) and Lydia (Outreach Co-ordinator) talk about the importance of skills training for the empowerment of young women in Uganda.

Singularity Sings for RYDA

Not to be missed.
Great afternoon of music, mirth and merriment.
Click the image to reveal a PDF to print & display.
Promote the event through your social media contacts.

More details?
Doug. Williams ... 9726 8316 / 0403 133 710

Really can't get there??
Please consider sending a donation.

Supported on this Uniting Church page.
Child Labour Project 14/15

The official I.L.O. evaluator for the current child labour project has recently released his report for the 2nd Quarter (January to March). One graph from the 17 page report is below. The accompanying comments are:

  1. Trainees of motor vehicle registered the best performance in grades and this is evidenced by their highest percentage weighted combo of 87%. The trainees got the highest number of distinctions and credits compared to trainees of other courses. Not any trainee of motor vehicle failed or scored any passes. It is worth noting that this was an exceptional performance.
  2. Trainees of tailoring and garment making registered the 2nd best performance in grades (82%) followed by both hair dressing and Art and Design (68%) respectively.
  3. Trainees of tailoring and garment making as well as Electrical Installations and Electronics had the least performance in grades of 63%.
  4. 19% of the 135 trainees scored distinctions, 56% scored credits, 17% scored passes and only 7% failed completely.
  5. Generally, the overall percentage performance in grades for all the trainees and in all courses was good (73%) and this was found a little high compared to that of previous quarter (70.4%).
(See February 2015 News above for 1st Quarter report.)

During the 12 months of this work to provide life-changing vocational opportunity for 135 child labourers or potential child labourers, RYDA is required to raise a target amount of $26,000 to supplement the International Labour Organisation funding.

This target has not yet been reached. Your help is essential.

To donate, see How Can I Support RYDA?.

Graph from 2nd Quarter I.L.O. Report

Crosslight Reports RYDA's Celebration Day

Crosslight is the monthly newspaper of the Uniting Church in Australia Synod of Victoria & Tasmania. This article, reprinted with permission, appeared in the May 2015 edition (#254), page 6. We are grateful for the on-going support offered to RYDA by Deb Bennett, Managing Editor, and the team through telling the story of this African success story.

Click the image for a PDF version. If you distribute the article, please acknowledge the source.
Read the on-line version here, in the Crosslight Archives

July 2015

MTN Supports RYDA

MTN (Mobile Telephone Networks) is a major mobile phone company operating in 21 countries across African and the Middle East. Their community investment policy is about long-term sustainable contribution through meaningful partnerships and proactive community involvement. At the end of June they enacted one of those partnerships with Rubaga Youth Development Association.

MTN donated 5 computers fully connected with free internet service for three months. Also, through MTN, their partner Motor Care Uganda donated a training aid to the motor vehicle department. During the visit to prepare for this partnership it was noted that the Canteen could do with a paint. MTN uses a signature yellow colour in all of its promotion. As you can see this colour suited the canteen beautifully. It's now very bright and shiny thanks to MTN's additional generosity.


We look forward to hearing about further support for RYDA from MTN. A continuing partnership between one of Africa's most successful future technology companies and one of Africa's most successful youth training organisations has a very positive ring to it. Perhaps some of RYDA's trainees will find future employment with MTN.
Graduation 2015

On Saturday June 20th, RYDA held its graduation ceremony for a total of 245 students. The Bishop of Namirembe Diocese officiated as the guest of honour. It was a joyful, colorful celebration.


The children graduating were those who finished their Exams in 2013 and 2014 and the 135 students in the International Labour Organisation programme for former child labourers, or disadvantaged youth in danger of becoming child labourers.


Due to a limited funding grant, the ILO course is specially tailored to prepare students for worthwhile work in 11 months. The course ends in September. These students sat their theory exams in May and are now on field placement. Between now and September they will be grouped in their specialization and supported into work with resettlement kits and start-up capital.


The only problem remaining is the RYDA local contribution needed to complete the resettlement kits.

In total there were 700 people at the graduation! This included many family members (often from the broader family) who were reconnected with their children through RYDA's family tracing programme. This magnificent day was reported in various media throughout Uganda including Bukkedde Newspaper, New Vision web site, Bukkedde TV and on capital radio.

Singularity Sings for RYDA

A huge thank you to the wonderful Singularity Choir who gave their time and talent once again to support fund raising for RYDA at St. Margaret's Uniting Church, Mooroolbark. A double bill of Gilbert & Sullivan's Trial By Jury and H.M.S. Pinafore provided a fun-filled, musical afternoon on Sunday July 5th that was capped off with a typical St. Margaret's afternoon tea. All this for a donation of just $5 per head. The afternoon raised $544 which included an advance donation of $200. Every cent will go to RYDA.

August 2015

Your Help Needed Now!

It's not very often we start our news page like this, but difficult moments sometimes need clear and firm responses.


  • Last September, RYDA was funded by the UN International Labour Organisation.
  • RYDA was contracted to provide an 11 month crash course into worthwhile work.
  • The target group was 135 former child labourers aged 14-17.
  • The standard RYDA course is 2 years.
  • The I.L.O. grant was around $71,000.
  • RYDA needed to match this by raising around $26,000 as a local contribution.


The 11 months is just about up and:
  • 108 students have been successfully registered for government examination.
  • RYDA has not been able to raise the full local contribution.
  • They need as much as you can give now.
  • Donations now will help purchase tools for a start up kit for each graduate.
  • Please transfer any gift to St. Margaret's account.
  • Making one payment this way will decrease total bank fees.



Every student has worked hard to succeed. Let's give them the best start possible.

Geoffrey writes:

The resettlement of the ILO programme is still a problem as we have not raised our local contribution and the programme is supposed to be concluded this September 2015 that is only a few days left pray for me.
Other News

  • RYDA is providing additional time for some students to complete their course because learning in English has been especially difficult as a result of previous irregular schooling.
  • Solomon, Geoffrey's son, and Brenda his betrothed, are the centre of a huge family party on August 22nd as one family is introduced to the other. Geoffrey's wife, Irene is very busy helping with the preparations. We hope the event fills all their lives with joy.
    (Both Irene and Solomon have visited Australia with Geoffrey in the past and are remembered by many of our supporters.)
  • Suzan Nabirye, RYDA Principal, is expecting a baby in early October. We ask God's continued blessing on these last weeks with child and on the birth.

September 2015

We Appealed. You Acted.

The previous issue of the news (August 7th) revealed an urgent need to support RYDA to purchase materials for resettlement kits (start up kits) to help former child labourers studying at RYDA to transition to worthwhile work in their chosen trade. About 2 hours after publication we had a bank record of a significant donation from an alert, dedicated family in Cowes, Victoria. Over the next few days more flowed into St. Margaret's account for RYDA. This was added to what St. Margaret's had been gathering since the previous donation in February.

And on August 13, St. Margaret's transferred all of your donations as...
Grand Total

$3850 / (2725 USD)

So that every cent you gave goes to the RYDA account, from its own administration budget St. Margaret's pays bank fees at this end and includes $30 in the total to cover bank fees in Uganda.
What a fabulous effort. Thank you so much everyone, from the person who puts $2 in the special St. Margaret's box every Sunday, to the persons who salary sacrifice every fortnight and forward it automatically to St. Margaret's account, to the people who give the surprise large donations.

Because you gave when you could,
the funds were available when needed.

Director, Geoffrey Steven Kyeyune, writes:
Dear Our beloved Supporters,

Through St Margaret Uniting Church I write to congratulate you to yet another milestone where you all put your heads and effort together to raise money for our organization to accomplish its goal of resettling trained young people. On behalf of the Rubaga Youth Development Association (RYDA) Board, Project staff and the children we appreciate for the financial support you have extended to the child Labour Project.

Many of you have supported RYDA not for the first time. Your continuous call and appeal have been responded to positively. One might wonder how you do it, but for me in particular I have witnessed for over 18 years the tremendous support both financial and material to keep RYDA going. Your support has greatly improved our services and community activities.

We want to assure you that the money you have raised will be spent on the purchase of resettlement Kits for the trained young people.

Please extend our utmost appreciation to all those who have made this possible. Indeed it's an achievement registered. May the Almighty God reward you abundantly in all you endeavours

Thanks to all of you.

Another Surprise

St. John's, Cowes, have supported RYDA since mid-2010. On August 30th their Treasurer wrote a cheque for $1000, the composite of fundraising the congregation had been doing for RYDA over time, and another member added $50.

What a surprise! When this was combined with other gifts arriving in St. Margaret's coffers - two anonymous ones in particular of $100 each (thank you) - by the evening of September 9th St. Margaret's treasurer was, for the first time, using the Internet to transfer to RYDA again!
Grand Total

$1425 / (932 USD)

Two Stories - One Author

Meanwhile, in another part of Mooroolbark, on the evening of September 9th, not having heard from RYDA for a couple weeks, a phone call was made to see if there was a problem. There was. Director Geoffrey had been at home for more than a week recovering from another bout of malaria. When he took the call, he had just returned to work.

Only moments before he had discovered that during his absence wet season rain had brought a tree down onto the kitchen! This rudimentary shack with just three woodfired pot belly stoves provided all the food for almost 300 resident teenage students. Principal Suzan had been able to organise removal of the tree and temporary shelter. The cooks were struggling on. Geoffrey's comment:

Now it has become very difficult to feed the children.
The caller was able to tell him that a surprise donation would be coming that week. It would surely help to fix the kitchen. What the caller didn't know was that almost at the same time, the Treasurer was doing her stuff!

How's that for timing!

Who do you think was the author?

This was the RYDA kitchen until the wet season brought a tree down on it.

Right now it is a collection of tarpaulins providing meagre protection
against rain and sun as the cooks struggle to provide two meals a day
for over 250 teenagers from 12 - 18!

September 17
(2 days after publication of the news above)
  • These photos arrived this evening showing remaining rubble of the original kitchen and the wall structure of the newly built kitchen which has expanded to two rooms.
  • It is now about two weeks since the crash. In less than 7 days since the arrival of the donation above, a new kitchen complex was designed, materials were purchased and delivered and the building has been raised to roof height!!
  • If you are able to provide funding to complete this amazing transformation see:
    How Can I Support RYDA?

October 2015

A Roof Will Rise!

Look back at last month's news. Do you remember?

  • On September 9th Geoffrey returned to work to find a tree had fallen and crushed the RYDA kitchen.

  • On September 9th St. Margaret's, not knowing of this event, transferred 932 USD which, for the most part, was a surprise donation from St. John's, Cowes.

  • By September 17th these funds had been used to clear the site, design a new and improved kitchen, purchase materials and completely build the new building bigger, stronger in brick and more secure EXCEPT...

  • had no roof because the money had run out ... and it is the rainy season!
We could not see how our supporters could possibly give for a roof. Mid-August 2725 USD was sent for start up kits for graduating students. Then the additional September donation. RYDA was going to have to figure this one out themselves.
However, the God who goes before us had other plans.
The first to respond to the September news were members of St. John's Cowes. Their $260 was increased by a St. Margaret's family to $360. Not enough for a roof but, as one of the donors confided, least this will buy the nails. Still the need seemed unmatchable.
But a parallel story kicks in here.
  • At the suggestion of a member, on August 23rd, St. Margaret's wrote to Sammy Stamp (a mission of the Uniting Church Adult Fellowship) asking for support to help RYDA continue building the new boys' dormitory.

  • In early September we received a letter inviting us to make application using Sammy Stamp's application form.

  • On September 15th that application was on its way.
These two stories intersected in a thought early in the week of September 21st.
If Sammy Stamp approves our application, I wonder if they would let RYDA redirect some of the funds to the kitchen?
  • A phone call to the convener found a receptive ear and on September 25th an application variation was on its way.

  • A week later we were told that $3000 had been approved and it could be used as RYDA needed.
  • The $360 had become $3,360.

  • Then others added a little more.

  • Don and Marg gave their Christmas Gift Certificate donation early to help out.

  • And the total leapt up to $4,336.20.

Then St. Margaret's took another step of faith.

Expecting that Gift Certificates and other gifts would cover the difference before the end of the year, the Treasurer rounded off the amount to $5000 which was transferred to RYDA on October 19.

(3424.72 USD)

Learn more about Sammy Stamp.

Christmas Gift Certificates
  • When you don't know what to give
    ... give a RYDA Christmas Gift Certificate.

  • When you don't know what to receive
    ... ask for a RYDA Christmas Gift Certificate.

The spirit of Christmas is giving. That spirit is captured in Christmas Gift Certificates.

  • We give you the certificates.
  • You give a donation to RYDA.
  • You give the certificate to special person and explain that their gift is giving new opportunity to a vulnerable teenager in Uganda.
Join Don and Marg who have already donated for their Certificates - one for each of their 13 grandchildren. They also make a display board of photos from our site so that RYDA is really with the family when they gather on Christmas Day.

News from RYDA

  • Principal Suzan gave birth on October 8th to a 4.8kg boy. Both are doing well.
    Congratulations Suzan from everyone in Australia and all your other RYDA supporters who read this news.
  • Nafuna Sarah the Electrical Instructor and Kamya Steven the Plumbing Instructor have left the centre for further studies.
    Goodbye and good luck Sarah and Steven.
    They have been replaced by Mr Kenneth and Mr. James respectively.
    Welcome to RYDA Kenneth and James. We wish you well with your work and hope you find many blessings at RYDA.
  • Pope Francis is visiting Uganda from November 27 - 29.
    Perhaps he will make time for RYDA?
  • Around 70 informal students sat for their examinations a little over a week ago.
  • The first examination period for formal students is about to begin. It will continue into November.
    The second period will be in February.

November 2015

In the first week of September, this...

...became this...

...because a tree fell and smashed it.

In the first week of November, because you cared, RYDA's new kitchen looked like this...



More Secure

Electric Light Connected


No more cooking in the rain for almost 300 teenagers!

If you don't already know the back story of this amazing transformation, read about it in the September and October news bulletins.
See for yourself how the People of God working for good are led to make great and unexpected changes.
In this case, those people were:
  • The council and members of St. John's Uniting Church, Cowes.
  • The council and members of St. Margaret's Uniting Church, Mooroolbark.
  • The board of Sammy Stamp a mission of the Uniting Church Adult Fellowship.
Christmas Gift Certificates
  • When you don't know what to give
    ... give a RYDA Christmas Gift Certificate.

  • When you don't know what to receive
    ... ask for a RYDA Christmas Gift Certificate.

The spirit of Christmas is giving. That spirit is captured in Christmas Gift Certificates.

  • We give you the certificates.
  • You give a donation to RYDA.
  • You give the certificate to special person and explain that their gift is giving new opportunity to a vulnerable teenager in Uganda.
Join Don and Marg who have already donated for their Certificates - one for each of their 13 grandchildren. They also make a display board of photos from our site so that RYDA is really with the family when they gather on Christmas Day.

Not Only For Christmas

Jean and David were invited to a re-commitment ceremony. David's friend had married while overseas and some time later the couple returned to Australia. They wanted their Australian family and friends to have the opportunity to share in their celebration, but didn't want presents. The invitation suggested instead that guests bring a bottle of their favourite wine or make a donation to the guest's favourite charity.

David suggested to Jean that they give a RYDA Any Celebration Gift Certificate. Jean thought that was a great idea, so they did.

Thanks for keeping RYDA in your mind David ... and for sharing the RYDA story with others.

News from RYDA
  • Examination season continues. The Art & Design teacher, Onyait Stephen, tells us the examiners were very impressed with the work of RYDA students.
  • Up to 100 students at a time have been sitting their exams in the St. Margaret Hall which was officially opened in March. What a blessing that RYDA Vocational Training Institute has been approved as an examination centre.

December 2015

There's Still Time

  • When you don't know what to give
    ... give a RYDA Christmas Gift Certificate.

  • When you don't know what to receive
    ... ask for a RYDA Christmas Gift Certificate.

The spirit of Christmas is giving.

  • We give you the certificates.
  • You give a donation to RYDA.
  • You give the certificate to special person and explain that their gift is giving new opportunity to a vulnerable teenager in Uganda.
The giving spirit is captured in Christmas Gift Certificates.
  • Click the first image to see an enlarged certificate for printing.
  • Find out more about certificates and how to donate.
  • Click the second image to print a two page description of RYDA's work and St. Margaret's support of it.

    This was an idea from Jo and Harold Stafford who wanted their adult children to know more about what their Christmas gift to RYDA would achieve.

    Easy peasy. Happy to oblige.

Over $1200 has already been given.

Will this wonderful amount grow to $2000??

A Christmas Present From RYDA

Dear Doug,
I have kept quiet for some time as a surprise is to come to you.

The Bishop of Namirembe Diocese was approached to donate some timber to roof the new RYDA boys' dormitory. Indeed our request was accepted. He donated two big trees which we had to cut down and then get the timber.

We used the funds you sent to us to buy the Iron sheets - 125 pieces in total - and paid the local artisan to roof. So the roofing has been completed. Find here attached the photo of the dormitory.

This is the Christmas gift to RYDA by our donors for their continued support. Special thanks goes to all those who supported this cause.

God bless you,

A gift from us to RYDA?? ... I think much more a gift from RYDA to us!!

The funds referred to by Geoffrey is the 5,000 AUD sent in October to roof the new kitchen. That was done and we thought it must have taken all that was sent. But no! RYDA knows how to get $1.10 value from every dollar. Two roofs for the price of one - with a little help from a Bishop. (Ironic perhaps that the whole problem was caused by a tree in the first place.)

And they have added these amazing new ovens to the new kitchen.

Is there no end to the enterprise and industry of these people??

Merry Christmas to all.